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Release Notes: More Powerful Auto-Alignment, Batch Update, and Much More

Updated: 08/23/2020

What’s New in CupixHomes

  • Manual alignment of panos in Manual Align tours just got easier.
    We’ve added new tools to help you easily edit the position and orientation of each pano in a tour uploaded using the ‘Manual Align Panos’ option. Our software automatically pre-orients each pano, so all you need to do is rotate each pano by 0, 90, 180, or 270 degrees by clicking the new ‘Rotate or Spin’ button. Our algorithm also auto-corrects the vertical tilt of each pano.

    Now you can take only a few key panos and easily align them from your end while saving storage space. 

           Learn how to use this feature 

  • Seamlessly connect multiple floors in your 3D tour. 
    Use ‘Configure Segue Pano’ to set a hyperlink on a Floor 1 staircase pano that leads to the following pano on Floor 2 when the Floor 1 pano is clicked. A segue pano can also be set to open a viewport or an external URL when a viewer navigates to the pano in the web player. To set this hyperlink, right-click the pano > Configure Segue Pano. Turn on 'Enable Segue Pano', input the URL, then click Save in the upper right. URLs must start with http:// or https://. Once the tour is published, when a user clicks on this pano, the web player will either display the linked pano (viewport) or the URL opens in a separate window (if URL is entered)

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  • Update the heights of all panos in just one click.
    Under Batch Update, the new option 'Set the height of all panos' has been added. The user can update all heights of the panos within a section in one step by entering the new height under 'Set the height of all panos' and clicking Apply Height. There’s no need to click on each individual pano to fix the camera height.
    This option is accessible by right clicking anywhere not covered by a section on the reference plan viewer, and clicking Batch Update.
    Learn how to use this feature

  • View all pano connections and quickly add or remove them.
    A new feature has been added called 'Edit All Connectivities' which is accessible by right clicking anywhere not covered by a section on the reference plan viewer. When this option is selected, every connection between panos is shown.  Click on a connection (blue line) to remove it. Click on two panos to add a connection.  Make sure to check and edit any pano connectivities prior to publishing your tour.

            Learn how to use this feature 


  • Directly upload Insta360 images to Cupix.
    We now support the INSP image format. You no longer need to convert images from your Insta 360 camera, just upload them directly to our app. 


We’re also always looking for ways to make existing features in Cupix Homes easier and more useful for your workflow.  The following improvements have been made to tour creation and publication, plan visibility and accessibility, as well as company branding and account management.

Create New Tour

  • In the 'Create a New 3D Tour' dialog, the default value of 'Generate the 3D Model' is now set to 'Not Selected' when creating a new auto-aligned 3D tour to increase processing speed.

Tour Publisher

  • Under Publisher > Section Selector, options to 'Add All’ and 'Clear All’ sections prior to publishing the 3D tour have been added.

User Profile

  • View your current Cupix plan and packages on the user drop-down panel by clicking on your profile icon.

Company Branding

  • To rebrand the Cupix web player, white-labeled users now have the option to edit the "Presented by Cupix" label displayed within their tours.  This is accessible from Settings > Team > Player Rebranding.

Account Management

  • Billing Admins now have the 'Change Plan' option accessible from the left menu above disk usage within a Workspace.  Admins and Team Members (Read and Write/Review only) will not see Change Plan.

  • When a Billing Admin closes their team account, the Confirm Closing Team Account option now forces users to type in the team name before clicking "Yes, close the team right away" to prevent accidental deletion. This action cannot be undone, users will no longer have access to the account, and all 3D tours, 360° panos, and asset files are permanently deleted.


  • Minor bugs fixed.

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