Problems with Photos



Grainy Images

- Use a lower ISO setting

- Increase the lighting or shutter speed

Blurry Images

- Clean the camera lens

- Make sure the camera is secured to the tripod

- Make sure the tripod is not moving

- Use a gimbal if taking handheld photos

- Increase lighting or the shutter speed

- If none of the above work, refer to the manual from the camera manufacturer

Dual Fisheye Images

- Stitch the photos in an equirectangular format

(Check the camera manufacturer website for photo stitching software)

MiSphere 360 PC / Mobile 

Insta360 PC

Samsung Gear 360 Mobile(Android / iOS) / PC

GoPro Fusion PC 

KeyMission 360

Yi 360 VR PC(Windows)

LG 360 cam PC

Photo Stitching Errors

- Keep the camera away from walls and furniture

-  Check the camera manufacturer website for firmware or software updates

Face or Fingers in Photos

- Raise the camera above your head to keep your body below the shot

-  Attach a handle to keep fingers away from the lens

Uploading Issues

Upload Speed is Too Slow

  • Problem: The upload speed is completely dependent on the user’s upstream connection. A slow upload speed is due to the user’s low bandwidth.

  • Solution: To decrease upload speed, upload photos using a high bandwidth internet connection.

Upload Process is Disconnected

  • Problem: If the uploading process is disconnected, either the user closed the browser before the photos were completely uploaded, or the browser was minimized or sent to the background during the process.  Sometimes an unstable internet connection can also cause the browser to disconnect before the photos are finished uploading.

  • Solution: To stay connected while uploading photos, use a stable internet connection and do not close, minimize, or hide the browser until the upload is complete.  Contact our Support Center if your browser is still disconnecting while photos are being uploaded.

Processing Results

Processing has Failed

  • Problem: There are three common factors that may cause photo processing to fail: unacceptable photo quality and formats such as poor stitching and incorrect width-to-height ratio (Error Code #8001); photos are in dual-fisheye format (Error Code #8005); or processing timeout (Error Code #8999).

  • Solution: If the error is due to unacceptable photo quality such as poor stitching, retake the photos using the suggestions from ‘Problems with Photos’ and upload them again.  If incorrect photo formats are used, correct the photo ratios or restitch them as equirectangular photos and upload. If the error is photo processing timeout, it is likely that an excessive number of 360º photos were uploaded in a single section. Divide the 360º photos into multiple sections and try uploading the photos as smaller groups.

Sections are Separated

  • Problem: A set of 360º photos can be separated into sections during the upload if the photos are taken too far apart. This is because photos that are taken too far apart do not have enough common features between them, which makes it difficult for the software to position them.

  • Solution: Typically, there should be at least one 360 photo taken every 10 sq.ft. Take more photos if they are currently not sufficient. Refer to "How to Take 360º Photos and 360 Videos".

No 3D Mesh

  • Problem: If a 3D mesh is not generated but the 360º photos are all connected, it is likely that there is not enough photos to create a mesh.  It is also possible for no mesh to be generated if the walls of the space are curved and not flat.

  • Solution: If there are not enough 360º photos, take more. If curved walls are affecting the result, take more 360º photos near the walls.

Web App

Tours are not synched properly in 4D or BIM comparison mode

  • Problem: Poor camera sync is due to inaccurate alignment between 3D tours or 3D tour and BIM, or there is a noticeable difference between how the tours and BIMs are scaled.

  • Solution: If alignment is not accurate, go to the Layout tab to rotate and move the 3D model to the identical location where the other 3D model or BIM is located.  If the 3D tour(s) and BIM are using different scales, scale the dimensions of one 3D tour so it matches the other tour or BIM. Please refer to "Compare with other 3D tours" and "Compare with a 3D BIM model" for more details.

Web Player

Photo quality is worse in the Web Player

  • Problem: The quality of photos shown in the web player is based on original photos uploaded by the user. Every photo is displayed by gradually loading the image from a lower resolution to a higher resolution. If a 3D tour is viewed with a low internet speed, it may take time to reach the highest resolution. This may look as if the 3D tour is displayed at a lower resolution.

  • Solution: In order to enhance the loading speed, connect to the internet using high speed wifi or an ethernet cable when using a desktop or a laptop computer.  When using a mobile device, connecting to the wifi may help.