Improper photos



Image Noise

- Lower ISO setting

- Increase lighting or shutter speed

Image Blur

- Clean camera lens

- Make sure camera and tripod are secure

- Slow down, and use a gimbal if handheld

- Increase lighting or shutter speed

- Others; ask camera manufacturer

Dual Fisheye Image

- Stitch photo to equirectangular format

(Check with camera manufacturer for photo stitching software)

MiSphere 360 PC / Mobile 

Insta360 PC

Samsung Gear 360 Mobile(Android / iOS) / PC

GoPro Fusion PC 

KeyMission 360

Yi 360 VR PC(Windows)

LG 360 cam PC

Stitching Errors

- Keep camera away from walls and furniture

- Consult camera manufacturer for firmware/software updates


[Face/Fingers in photos]

- Raise camera above head and keep body out of sight

- Attach a handle to keep fingers away from the lens

Uploading Issues

Upload Speed is Too Slow

  • Cause: The upload speed is solely dependent on the user side upstream connection. Therefore the low speed is due to users’ smaller bandwidth.

  • Countermeasure: In order to improve speed, uploading should be done at a place where higher internet connection is available.

Uploading Process is Disconnected

  • Cause: If uploading process is disconnected, it is likely due to either to the user closing the browser before the entire process is complete or sending the Upload Wizard to the background during the process. Unstable internet connection could also be a problem.

  • Countermeasure: In order to stay connected during the uploading process, use a stable internet connection and do not send Upload Wizard to the background or close the browser until the uploading is complete. If the uploading process is still being disconnected, contact our Support Center.

Processing Result

Processing has failed

  • Cause: Three different factors may cause the processing failure independently; wrong formats such as poor stitching and a wrong width-height ratio(Error Code #8001), dual-fisheye format(Error Code #8005) or timeout(Error Code #8999).

  • Countermeasure: In case of wrong formats, such as poor stitching and wong width-height ratio(Error Code #8001), dual-fisheye format(Error Code #8005). In case of being timed out, it is likely due to an excessive number of 360º photos uploaded in a single section. Break down the set of 360º photos into multiple sections and try again. 

Sections have been separated

  • Cause: A set of 360º photos can be separated due to the number being insufficient. However, regardless of the number of 360º photos uploaded, if there are not enough common features captured due to, for example, natural sunlight coming from outside, sections are still likely to be separated.

  • Countermeasure: Roughly, there should be 1 360º photo per 10 sq. ft. If the number of 360º photos is less than that, more 360º photos must be taken. Refer to "How to take 360º photos and 360 videos"

  • Rules of Photo Position for further details. Before capturing scenes, use curtains to control the natural light from outside.

No 3D mesh

  • Cause: If there’s no mesh but 360º photos are all connected nonetheless, the cause is likely to be the insufficient amount of 360º photos. Also, if the walls of the space are curved, not flat, then it might also affect the result.

  • Countermeasure: In case of the insufficient amount of 360º photos, take more. If the curved walls are affecting the result, take more 360º photos near the walls.

Web App

Inaccurate camera sync when using 4D or BIM compare

  • Cause: Inaccurate camera sync is due to the inaccurate alignment of the 3D tour(s) or/and noticeable difference in scales. 

  • Countermeasure: In case of inaccurate alignment, go to the Layout tab and rotate/move the 3D model to an identical location where the other 3D model/BIM is located. 

  • In case of different scales, match dimensions of one 3D tour to another, or to a BIM. Please refer to "Compare with other 3D tours" and "Compare with a 3D BIM model" for more details. 

Web Player

Photo quality seems lower in the Web Player

  • Cause: Photo quality shown in the player is based on the original photos uploaded by the user. Every scene is displayed by loading gradually from lower resolution to higher resolution. If a 3D tour is played with lower internet speed, then, it may take time to reach the highest resolution. This may look as if the 3D tour is displayed in a lower resolution.

  • Countermeasure: In order to enhance the loading speed, when using a desktop or a laptop computer, use a faster wifi or wired internet. When using a mobile device, connecting to wifi may help.