Within your 3D tour, you can sometimes end up with multiple sub-sections named NA(Not-Aligned) or ANC(Aligned-but-Not-Connected). If this occurs, you can easily fix it in our app by aligning them manually.

Align ANC/NA sections

The second step is to align disconnected sections. Sometimes your 3D tour can end up with several ANC(Aligned-Not-Connected) or NA(Not-Aligned) panos, which can leave you confused. At this point many Cupix users often get discouraged and ask for help. However, there are multiple ways to manage this problem. The first option is to simply hide sections. This could be the case if you have a main section, and only a few are disconnected, that you feel are not necessary to showcase in your 3D tour. For instance, if you take duplicate photos at the same spot, one will be categorized into a sub-section(ANC/NA). In this case, you do not need to show them in you tour and by hiding them you can create seamless 3D tour. Secondly, you can manually align your sections.

  1. In the ‘Overview’ tab, check the main section and sub-sections, named ‘ANC’ or ‘NA’ are all in the same group, so that they appear all at once in the ‘Layout’ tab. If you uploaded multiple sections but want to combine them, ungroup each section and re-group them

  2. Go to the ‘Layout’ tab and adjust the scale of the sections, consisting of more than two panos. Add a floor plan if you have one.

  3. Right-click or click the pano for a couple of seconds, then click ‘Select Enclosing Section.’

    Tips:You can press the Tab key to select the next section.

    Tips:You can select multiple sections by dragging sections whilst holding down the Ctrl key.

  4. Position the section in the desired position, then rotate it, referring to the navigational radar.

    Tips:You can use the ‘Quick Transformation’ function to move the section to a certain spot instantly. If you designate two points of the section, the section will move there directly and the scale will be adjusted accordingly.

If the section is NA(Not-Aligned), consisting of one pano, you might find it difficult to change the orientation of the pano to face the right direction, enabling you to navigate your 3D tour seamlessly. In this case, you can easily position the pano using the ‘Click a point to move’ fuction and rotate it using the ‘Cupix Guy’ as a reference.

Move NA sections

  1. Select the NA section and click the target icon labeled ‘Click a point to move.’

  2. Click the position where you want to place the section on the grid.

Align NA sections using the ‘Cupix Guy’

  1. Select the NA section you want to edit, and then click the icon labeled ‘Spin pano by matching a reference pano.’

  2. 2.The ‘Cupix Guy’ will appear on the screen. The screen at the bottom is a reference pano, and the one at top is your current pano. Adjust the scale bar to spin the current pano and find a spot where the ‘Cupix Guy’ stands on the same line as the reference pano.

  3. Press the ESC key on your keyboard or click X to exit the editing mode.

When you have completed editing your sections, you can lock movement to anchor the position of each section. Don’t forget to click Save. Watch this tutorial video to gain a better understanding of this process.

NoteCupix provides all editing services and does all editing work for you, including aligning sections manually and drawing a floor plan. Please contact Cupix Support to request this service.

Last but not least, not creating ANC/NA sections is the best solution. The likelihood of your sections splitting decreases, if you capture enough photos by following our shooting guide. These are basic editing tricks and tips that you should become familiar with. No matter how big your 3D tour is, you can edit it without difficulty, as long as you understand the basics. Let’s take a look at this sample 3D tour. 

We understand that it may take some time to familiarize yourself with Cupix and its processes. However, you can always get assistance from our support team by submitting a ticket along with your 3D tour URL.