Feature availability matrix indicating which features are currently available

Features with no checkmarks are standard features and available for all plan subscribers. Features with checkmarks are available only for who purchase each package.

Studio Pack OnlyAEC Pack OnlyTeam Pack OnlyBeta
Create 3D tours*
(see note below)
Upload 360º photos

Upload 360º videos

Leverage GPS data for outdoor sites

Detect Cupix Markers for automatic scaling

Import Panos

Manage 3D toursSearch, sort, and organize 3D tours

Move and combine 3D tours

ShareShare workspaces

Grant permission to access workspaces

Allow others to edit 3D tours

Asset LibraryInsert from a public URL

JPG, PNG, PDF formats

NWC, RVT, IFC, SKP formats

Online 3D BIM viewer

SettingsSet account information
(Profile, User Name, Password)

Set preferences
(Email Notification, Newsletters, Units, Language)

Set Current Workspace Properties
(Worksapce Name, Address, Default Units)

Set Google Analytics Tracking

Change the Loading Logo of the Player

Change the Watermark Image of the Player

Change the Nadir Photo of the Player

Set initial field of view of the Player

Change colors of GUI elements of the Player

Set toolbar position of the Player

Change the team profile

Add team members

Manage team members
(Activate, Deactivate, Delete, Change Role)

WorskpaceCreate workspaces** (see note below)

Search, sort, organize workspaces

DeleteRestore 3D tours, workspaces from trash can

Edit 3D toursEdit 3D tour properties

Download original panos

Upload and replace panos

Download 3D data (PLY,OBJ)

Download KML file (MTL,KML)

Move sections

Group sections

Create an interactive floor plan

Align sections

Insert 3D Boxes

Insert Pushpins

Insert Hotspots

Hide panos

Insert Photoframes

Insert 3D Texts

Adjust colors

Auto-detect faces and blur them

Blur manually (interactive blur)

Reset All Blur

Set photo resolutions in editing mode

Measure a distance

Change units

Copy a link to the current viewpoint

3 view modes
(Walk-throuh, 3D, 3D texture)

Edit connectivity of panos

Adjust scale automatically using Cupix Marker

Arrange scale of sections

Transform sections(Rotate, Translate X and Y, Elevation)

Transform position of each pano

Fix pano orientation (Fix tilted pano)

Set entry pano

Add to highlights

Set viewpoint at opening

Edit hightlights(Label, Thumbnail)

Publish 3D tours

Share with the Player

Set Review-Only Ready option

Create social media share link

Set Cover Image

Create Camera Animation

Edit Section Selector

Edit Compare List

Compare 3D tours side by side with camera sync

Compare 3D tour with live 3D BIM

Enable Auto Loading of the Player

Enable Show Floor Plan in the Player

Enable VR Mode in the Player

Enable Show 3D Objects in the Player

Enable Show Nadir Photo in the Player

Enable Auto Camera Animation in the Player

Enable Share (Share link in the Player)

Enable Measure in Player

Enable Auto Start Comparison

Get embed code of 3D tour

Export to Google Street View

Real time discussion on Review tab

Mailbox of Latest Comments on Review

Insert viewpoint links in discussion threads

White-labeled Web Player*** (see note below)

Head Mounted DevicesVR mode for VR headsets

*Note:The number of new 3D tours for Free Trial and Petite plan accounts is limited to three for a month.

**Note:The number of workspaces for Free Trial and Petite plan accounts is limited to one.

***Note:You can set your domain, app icon, and social share meta tags. You can even remove the “Powered by Cupix” logo. However, this ability requires an annual subscription with a Studio Package and a Medium or Large capacity plan.