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I am getting a message "waiting in queue",  what does it mean? I tried creating multiple accounts, have tried other images too, different formats, but still it's showing me the same exact message. Please Help me or guide me...

  • If so it would be great to see a calculated time when the project could be finished.

  • Is there resolution to this issue? I have the same issue, I think because I didn't stitch photos first. Just want it deleted from my dashboard so I can start over.  Hello? Anyone home?

  • Anyone figure this out?

  • Anyone having trouble with the server error 8000 when trying to upload photos? I tested this out a few days ago and it worked fine - now I'm trying to do it for work and nothing works.

  • Does anyone know if this issue eventually resolves itself? It seems like everyone who inquires about this eventually gives up.

  • waiting in the queue for a couple hours is how it's uploading the photos. If you get a error processing image code of 8000, it means your pictures are too far apart. You literally have to take two to three steps between each photograph or the pictures won't stitch together. Took me two days to figure this out on my own because customer service blows
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