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How do I set the entry Pano, the start point and view for the tour?

Not able to change the start point and view of the tour

  • I'm having this same issue as we speak. Anyone find a fix for it?

  • Same issue. I set the entry pano as the front of the house, and after starting the tour, I start in the backyard.

  • Same here, setting the entry pano where I want it but the tours start in different point...

  • Any answers?

  • I’ve got a following reply from support, never tried it though as I moved to another platform. Every section has its own entry pano as you said. To define the section to start your web player, you can change the order of the sections in the Section Selector(publisher tab) and the list in the overview tab. ​ Put the section that includes the first image you want to show to the top in both lists, then you are good to publish your 3D tour as you desire. ​ If you have any further questions, feel free to submit a new ticket. ​ Kind Regards, Cupix Support
  • Thanks!

  • Thanks!

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