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I'm testing this platform so I created 4 sample tours and I'm already using 800MB of storage space.  The rooms I'm scanning add up to a total square footage of around 2,000Sq.Ft.  This means that the "small capacity" package of 3GB gives me enough room for 3 tours--provided that they are no more than 2,000sq.ft. each. Doesn't this TINY storage space seems rediculous in this time and age? Microsoft gives me 1TB of cloud space for $100/year.  Matterport (high end 3D Virtual Tour option) allows me to have 100 tours for $49/month. Any plans to increase storage space on the packages Cupix offers ?(I'm not suggesting to have a monster package that charge people an arm and a leg!)..just the capacity at the same price level.

  • Thanks for writing in. We are afraid but we need more photos than existing 3D tour creating software, but our app requires sufficient overlaps among photos in order to align them automatically. We understand your concern, and we have three methods to reduce your storage usage and manage your 3D tours more effectively. 

    1. Compress image files

    You can compress your image files before you upload them to our server. The method we described on this blog article, how to compress your image files without losing quality, takes away information from images, yet still maintaining the overall image quality.  The change is difficult to tell, especially for the images taken with a high-resolution camera. You can read more details in our blog.

    2. Get a long-term storage discount

    We offer a long-term storage discount. When a 3D tour is older than 12 months, only 10% of its actual file size will be counted against the capacity plan. Note that you are required to subscribe to the Medium or Large capacity plan to get the benefits. You can learn more about it in this help article, Storage discount on long-term 3D tours.

    3. Publish your 3D tours to Gogle map and remove them from our app

    You can export your 3D tour to Google Street View and delete it. Your tour will be still available on Google Maps even after you remove it from our app. 

    We hope you found this information useful. Please feel free to get back with me if you have any questions or if missed something along the way. 


    Cupix Support

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