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Rookie user here.  I have a sample/test tour being crunched right now, but have a couple questions. I am in almost 24 hours in this tour creation, which seems too long.  My sample is 9 photos around a fitness room.  The room is rectangular and has various equipment in it. I did not photograph through the door, just room's interior. Q1--24 hours seems way tool long, correct?  Q2--Does the equipment in the room, mess with the processing of the tour creation?  I see the sample tour is a relatively empty room. I've seen examples online of offices that had furnishings in them.  Are tables and filing cabinets easier to map than rowing machines and treadmills?

  • I should also say, I am now at 5 of 7 bars done. I realize that something is bogging this down and it isn't normal, but I am letting it roll to see what comes out.  Just want to understand what is going on better.

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