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Rookie user here.  I have a sample/test tour being crunched right now, but have a couple questions. I am in almost 24 hours in this tour creation, which seems too long.  My sample is 9 photos around a fitness room.  The room is rectangular and has various equipment in it. I did not photograph through the door, just room's interior. Q1--24 hours seems way tool long, correct?  Q2--Does the equipment in the room, mess with the processing of the tour creation?  I see the sample tour is a relatively empty room. I've seen examples online of offices that had furnishings in them.  Are tables and filing cabinets easier to map than rowing machines and treadmills?

  • I should also say, I am now at 5 of 7 bars done. I realize that something is bogging this down and it isn't normal, but I am letting it roll to see what comes out.  Just want to understand what is going on better.

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  • Thanks for writing in. The tour you shared was deleted, so we couldn't examine any further. We apologize for the late reply, and if the similar issue happens, please contact us by submitting a ticket.

    In regards to the queue and processing time, when a tour has been submitted and is waiting in the queue, it's referring to be processed. Usually, it takes about an hour to move on the next step, processing. When there are lots of 3D tours processing, it may take longer than the usual timeframe allocated. The processing time also depends on the numbers of photos you upload and common features are found in them. Usually, it only takes 2-3 minutes per photo. Please kindly wait until we send you an email when your 3D tour is ready to edit.  Averagely, it takes 2~3 minutes per photo, however, depending on the structure of your project site, the number of photos you uploaded, and the photo redundancy, it may take a longer time. The processing will be forcibly terminated if it takes more than 24 hours. So please kindly wait longer, and if the processing failed, we recommend uploading again with more photos following this  capturing instruction. Otherwise, it might be failed again or require more time and effort to edit your 3D tour manually.  Note that it is not possible to stop the processing of the tours from your end while it's processing. If you want it to be removed, you will have to submit a ticket to us. Also, if it on the processing status for more than 24 hours, please contact us.


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  • mine is about to reach 24 hours now its up to calc meshes but 24 hours is up in about 3 hours or so

  • 24 hours coming up in 1 hour, still on 3 bars.

  • Pretty brutal customer service and no explanation of an estimated wait time ?????

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