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Cupix Release Notes - October 8, 2018

Release Notes

October 8, 2018

  • Move a pano to a desired position: Often times, you know where your pano should be positioned. You can select the pano then a simple click at a location will get your pano to the position now.

  • Spin pano by matching a reference pano: To save you from the trouble of correcting panos’ orientations, we implemented a new function. Now you only need one right-oriented pano and it becomes a guide for you to fix other panos.

  • Fix vertical orientation: Whatever was the reason that caused a pano to tilt, you can fix it! And the fix can be applied to every panos by one click of “Apply vertical fix to all panos” button.

  • Apply a current pano on floor level: When you see a pano floating above the floor level, or sinking under the floor in your 3D tour, this tool will return it to a right place.

  • Toggle on/off 3D objects: You can now show and hide 3D objects that you added in the 3D tour.

  • Toggle on/off camera motion path: By the timestamp of each panos, track line of your 3D tour is created. We know that  it may be useful in transforming panos and sections, but it can be toggled off to relax your eyes.

  • Transform a section by picking one or two pano’s destination points: We call it “Quick Transformation”. To save your time from moving, rotating and scaling a section to fit into your 3D Tour, Cupix web app now adjusts all the transformation automatically based on a single or two panos position change.

  • Multi-Selection of sections support: Now you can select multiple sections at once by the intuitive “Ctrl+Drag or Click” method. Not only that, you can apply the transformation, translation and even the “Quick transformations” to selected sections together.

  • Import Pano (Public Beta): Import Pano is available to everyone at this time. When you already have the coordinate information of your photos taken, Cupix web app supports you to create a 3D tour in a simple and fast way. Cupix web app accepts these information in JSON format and also OBJ file for 3D mesh creation as well. Another advantage of the Import Pano comes in handy when you want to add more pano(s) to an existing 3D tour.

  • Faster Web Player: You will now be able to enjoy the faster and smoother loading and walk-through capabilities of your 3D tour in the Cupix Web Player. This update will be applied automatically to newly created 3D tours; however, any existing 3D tours will need to be unpublished first and then re-published for this to be applied.

  • Player Rebranding (White-labeled): For Medium (or higher) storage and Studio Pack users who subscribed for annual plan, a special tab called Player Rebranding will appear in the settings. Through this tab, adding a hyperlink to a watermark image, customizing features such as own domain, favicon, SNS meta tags in addition to removing “Powered by Cupix” logo, are supported.

  • Google Street View export option: A new option to link place ID to entry and highlight panos only instead of showing all of your privacy.

  • Add a hyperlinked image to a pushpin: You can add a hyperlink to an image to be put as a pushpin. 

  • Scroll-down enabled for long descriptions: Convenient scrolling-down is applied to long description writings.
  • Can you release more information on how to obtain or produce the JSON file? A youtube tutorial would be appreciated. Personally, I would want to see one from Vray in either Revit or 3DS Max. 

  • Please help.  1.- is there a way to recover a project deleted by accident? 2.- how can I manage my storage? I lost everything and yet I cant upload anymore? THANK YOU.

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