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For a monthly fee there should be a support phone number

I have went through tutorials and still can fix certain issues. CUPIX , you need a phone number for support to where you guys can remote access computers to help people with there problems. Possibly canceling unless there is a better way for support to help.
  • Hi, Jason. 

    Thanks for writing in. First of all, the main problem is you didn't take enough photos. According to our instruction, you must take three(one step spacing) near doors, and take one photo per each step when you capture a narrow hallway. You also left a ticket, and one of our staff already responded. Please share your 3D tour and allow us to edit your 3D tour. Once we're done, we will explain all the editing process.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • A paid up a full subscription and then after 1 day I see my storage limit reduced to 250 MB meaning that I was over my storage limited (even though I had paid for a subscripton).

    I was right in the middle of an important job and I was effectively blocked from completing it.

    So I submit a support ticket, and another and another and another and nada.....

    so I guess I now have to go away for 24 hours and wait to get some kind of response when this is clearly a system error on your part. 

    In a case like this you need more rapid response to uers issue.  Its a total fail and I am going to put this out there on google local guides and approved photographers forums becuase google does list you as a recommended service. 

    My experience has been terrible. 


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