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How do I align 'not-aligned' images

The images I uploaded has a NA sign next to them, when opening them up in the layout section the 360 image does not allow me to move the image in the direction I need to, like all around the area captured, when trying to rotate the 360 image, the image tilts sideways instead of moving around to view the area/space captured. Is there a way that I can align these photos in order for the rotation to be correct and not have the tilt effect when rotating the photo. 

Kind Regards.
Lanie A.

  • Hi, Lanie.

    Thanks for writing in. You can fix the orientation of each pano and align the separated sections manually. 

    How to fix the orientation

    How to edit sections

    However, we think your 3D tour is impossible to fix at this moment. The site is outdoors which is more difficult to process, and the subtle movements of leaves can result in the misalignment. That's why most of your photos are upside down or tilted. Besides, there are not enough photos to align them properly. We'll update our app soon to resolve the issue that can occur when you take pictures outdoor. In the meantime, you can capture more photos following our shooting instruction and create a new 3D tour.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • We are happy to deliver our update news to you. Now you are able to transform the misplaced panos. Here's an instruction on how to use this function. 

    ① Right-click the pano that is misaligned in the section, and select 'Transform Pano.'

    ② You can drag the pano on the grid, move the scale bar, or press up/down arrow key to position it to your desired location. If you want to move it directly to a certain point, click the target icon and snap the spot on the grid.
    ③ To spin the pano in order to connect it with other panos seamlessly, set a viewpoint (left screen) by rotating on the right screen, and then adjust the scale bar labeled ‘Spin’ to determine the direction of the pano.
    Or, click the icon labeled 'spin pano by matching a reference pano.' The Cupix guy will appear on the screen. The screen on the bottom is a reference pano, and the one on top is your current pano. Adjust the scale bar to spin the current pano and find a spot that cupix guy stands on the same line as the reference pano. Press the ESC key on your keyboard or click X to exit the editing mode.
    ④ To fix the tilted pano, click the icon labeled ‘Fix vertical orientation.’ Click the start point of the first vertical line. Click the end point of the first vertical line referring to a blue hint line. Click the start point of the second vertical line. Click the end point of the second vertical line referring to a green hint line. If the orientation is still not correct, repeat it until the orientation is adjusted. To exit the editing mode, press the ESC key on your keyboard, or click ‘X.’
    When all of the panos in the section are tilted, click the icon labeled ‘Apply vertical fix to all panos' after adjusting one pano. 

    We will upload a tutorial video explaining this function in detailed soon, and share it on this post. Thank you for your patient waiting.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

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