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Cupix Release Notes - August 2, 2018

Release Notes

August 2, 2018

  • Name your 3D objects: It may be natural to give a 3D object a name.

  • Choose a pushpin icon: You have a freedom to choose a display icon for a pushpin.

  • Adjust a pushipin size: Also, the pushpin’s head size can be customized.

  • More Icon variations: We added 56 more predefined icons (total 84 icons).

  • Automatic video clip playback: Cupix Web app will support video clip(like an mp4 file) playback in a photo frame (a movie file should be hosted by publicly accessible cloud storage like Dropbox).

  • New mouse hover animation: Now when you hover mouse over, will see new animation on 3D objects in the Web Player.

  • 3D object text-input orientation option: Go ahead and edit the position and rotate angles of a 3D object in text-input fields.

  • Improvements to 3D objects’ feature changes: Set the position and the size of a 3D box, a photo frame, and a 3D text by mouse clicking 3D coordinates.

  • Tune hotspot transparency: Use a 3D box as a hotspot and set different transparency when a mouse pointer hovers in the Web Player.

  • View range support: Set a view range distance in the Web App and 3D objects out of the range from the current pano will not be rendered in the Web Player.

  • Google Analytics integrated: It is a new feature only for Studio Pack subscribers. Now, you can set up to two Google Analytics accounts in the Settings and the Web Player feedbacks visitors’ events to the Google Analytics. You can measure the success of your content by tracking 3D tour metrics such as ‘play button clicks’, ‘engagement ratio’(how much of your 3D tour they explored), ‘Click-through-rate’ (% of views who click Call-to-Actions you designed in 3D objects), ‘Social Share’(click events of the Share icon in the toolbar), etc.

  • VR headset support in the Web Player: Newly implemented VR mode in the Web Player now supports the most popular VR headsets. Check out details in the below table.

  • White-labeled Web Player: At this moment, the eligibility and the availability of this new feature are limited, and it will be rolled out on a first-come, first- served basis. However, with the white-labeled Web Player, you can use your own Web Player URL and customize the favicon, social post meta-tags (default title, default link description, default photo). Plus, Powered by Cupix logo will be removed. Please contact us for more details.

  • Extend and Trim dimensions: Now you can pick two dimensions, and they will be extended until they cross and are trimmed out at the intersection point.

  • Fix Orientation - Apply to All: After you fix the vertical orientation of a pano, you can apply the same transformation to all other panos.

  • Bug Fixes: Numerous bugs have been fixed.

VR headset support





HTC Vive

PC (Window 10)



Oculus Rift

PC (Window 10)



 Google Cardboard

Mobile Phone (Android)

Chrome, Samsung Internet


(You can move towards where you keep staring for a certain period of time)

Mobile Phone (iOS)


Samsung Gear VR

Mobile Phone (Android)

Oculus Browser



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