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Current Pano was Taken on the Floor and average height?

1)The term "Current Pano was Taken on the Floor" is a little vague, does this mean that the camera tripod was placed on the floor? Where else would it be placed, on a stair? What are we looking for here?

2) Average height of camera, I know mine is 5 foot 9 inches from the ground, but if I enter that for two sections within a group the two sections do not scale the same. 


3) Is the value in the average height decimal feet or inches?

  • Hi, Leon.

    Sorry for the late reply. It took some time to confirm the answer for your questions. Here are the answers.

    1. "Current Pano was Taken on the Floor" implies that pano you are seeing in the app has been taken on the floor. Our processing software tries to detect whether a pano has been taken from a floor based on some assumptions, but it could be incorrect, and you can freely change it to make it right. If this information is not correct, the scale factor calculated using the camera height would be incorrect. For instance, when you captured photos on the uneven floor as a stair, you can turn on this option on the lowest pano so that other panos can be adjusted their height accordingly. You can also change this option by right-clicking a pano and turning on the 'On Floor' option. As you said, it can sound a little vague, we will think out a way to explain it in a better way to make it clear.

    2. The initial scale of each section is relative, and once you adjust floor by picking a common point and entering the camera height, the scale will be adjusted automatically. Even though photos were taken in the same place, the initial scale can be different, and as a result, the percent of scale can have a different value. But as long as the dimensions you measure on your 3D tour are the same as the actual dimension, the scale value doesn't mean anything. As you can see in this tutorial video, all three sections have different scale percent. Also, that video will help you understand more about adjusting the scale.

    3. It's decimal feet if you set your unit as 'ft.' You can change the unit on the toolbar.

    Best Regards

    Cupix Support

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