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Add a label with a link into the VR tour

Hello, I was wondering if it possible to add a label with a link to the furniture with a description and be able to click on it and transfer to the developer website? Thanks!

  • Hi, Elena.

    Thanks for writing in. The answer is 'YES.' You can add a pushpin that allows you to write a description and insert a link to the developer website. This feature is a standard feature so you do not need to purchase additional feature package. To add a Pushpin,

    1. Go to the Layout or Overview tab.

    2. Click Insert on the top tool bar, and select the Pushpin.

    3. There are 4 methods to anchor the Pushpin; pick common points from 2 panos, pick a point on the floor/on 3D boxex/ on 3D mesh.

    4. Position the Pushpin to your desired location and type title and description.

    5. To insert a link, select the text and click the link icon(Ctrl+K) and paste the website address.

    You can refer to this tutorial video(How to add pushpin) for more details, and if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Thank you so much!! You are the best!
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