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can't upload a new 3D tour

Thanks in advance, Dave Tez

  • Having the same issue... maybe a server problem? 


  • Hi,

    There is a known technical issue during 3D tour creation, and your case might be related to it. We are working on fixing it, and it may take a few more hours.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Best regards,
    Cupix team

  • will it be up today?
  • Hi,

    The server should work fine now.
    Thanks for your patience.

    Best regards,
    Cupix team

  • Cupix team, I have tried submitting several tickets, and even tried posting to new and already open discussions. Everytime I click submit or save, i'm sent back to the Support center home screen... at least a dozen times now from 2 different computers, so i'm going to post this to every discussion i can until someone gets back to me!!!!!! I've made several tours when the high resolution option was available. It is no longer there, and in its place you have the "Full" resolution option. This is not full resolution at all.   Why is there no option for High resolution anymore?! You changed your options to Low and "Full". the "Full" resolution option is no where near actual Full resolution. Here are the Links to prove my position. This is the first link (high resolution) that I've done in the past -   You'll notice the crips lines on the wood railings and clarity of the wood floor and things around.    This is the second and newest tour I've done where you only allow the options of Low and "Full" resolutions -   you'll notice the complete blur on everything? no crisp lines on the desk or floors. This is embarassing. I can't send this to my clients. Where is the high resolution option? Are you not offering it until we start paying for the service? Why are you calling it "Full resolution" when its no where near full resolution? The photos are close to 3.5k, and in no way should be blurry! I read your response to a customer in the forum where you stated every tour is shown at the fullest resolution and the options of low, medium and high were only for editing. I don't know if you've checked into that, because I have, and its completely incorrect. The tour is not shown at the highest resolution possible... not even close. Frankly, it looks like crap comparitively to the old tours where "High" resolution was an option. I've tried writing this ticket 6 times and when I click submit, it just vanishes and isn't submitted. I've copied this and will paste it and click submit until it appears in the "my tickets" page. Please respond and answer all questions.  I'm also trying to attach a file with a video proving that when I click submit, nothing happens and my ticket IS NOT SUBMITTED but the 15 second video is too large to upload, so i'm putting it on youtube and posting a link at the bottom of this to prove my point. I have 2 previous tickets already that have not been answered. Is anyone else having these problems? Why is customer support so terrible?!     Link to video of Cupix Support ignoring my support submission

  • Is the Server having issues now. I am having problems uploading

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