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can we use a matterport 3d scans am make a virtual tour????


I would like to buy a matterport 3d camera that makes 3d scans can I use this program to embed al the scans and make a virtual tour because the change a lot and it would be very good to make it myself without paying them. Best regards Dr.Boitor Bogdan  

  • Hi, Boiter.

    Thanks for writing in and sorry for the late reply. Recently, Matterport announced that they enable download 360º snapshots, and you can upload them to our server to create a 3D tour if you want. If your concern is about the cost, we highly recommend using our service. You can save up more money by using a consumer-grade 360º camera which is 10 times cheaper than Matterport's 3D scanners. You can also use a DSLR camera if the quality matters. We'd like to hear more detailed reason that you want to the 3D scanner but use our service to create 3D tours.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

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