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I am grateful that there is an embed feature within Cupix but I was wondering if there could be an embed workspace option. It would be helpful to have a way where the new tours automatically show up within our website even if the formatting was restricted to be the same as the Workspace currently is. Having made a few websites, I find anything that can automatically update without having someone go in and add it manually is very valuable. Many websites are not up-to-date for this reason and being able to move a tour into a Website Workspace would greatly increase the value of Cupix when it comes to marketing. 

  • Hi, Devin. 

    Thanks for leaving your opinion in our Forum. We will consider your suggestion, and we'd like to ask few more questions to understand better on what values that users can get if we add this function. 

    First of all, the purpose of the workspace is to improve collaboration and interactive communication when you work with other project participants. For that reason, when you invite others to your workspace, you can restrict their access levels to secure and manage your data in a better way. Currently, as you know, you can invite people to your workspace with 'Review-Only' permission to let them view all the 3D tour including the new 3D tours updated in the workspace. Embedding the workspace is similar to this, except that the scope of people who can access the workspace is broader and more unspecified. The question is, do you think you the benefits from embedding your workspace into the website is more significant than the advantages from sharing the workspace privately? Secondly, what kind of detailed functions you wish to have in the embed workspace feature? Do you have anything in your mind?

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • I think both have a place within the workflow. The problem occurs when the amount of people you want to share multiple tours with increases greatly.

    What I am looking for is a way to share more than one tour at a time and avoid the minutia of the sending multiple hyperlinks. The easiest way to share the tours would be to give them a page that has all the tours and they can select what tour they want to look at. I work in construction at a University that has up to thirty projects all going at once and it would greatly benefit us to send one hyperlink that manages all the rest for me. Not all your uses have the ability to create a web page and embed each project in order to create this information hub and it would be valuable to give this as an option and save me the time of making that page.

    Another reason is for marketing the tour service so anyone on the web can dive in and look at the different tours that have been made without manually going and adding each one into the website after you finish them.  

  • Has this been updated? Devin has a very good point
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