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what pageview statistics might be made available?


Is there a forthcoming means we can record the number of "hits" to a given Tour? Of course "hits", or "pageviews" are always a slippery number to attempt to qualify/quantify (should it be 1 incremental count per session, or per image, or in a specified time frame, or per IP address...), but some kind of feedback would be very nice to have. Maybe a minimal allowance we users could have to the html /body tag where a third-party code snippet, such from could be manually added? 

  • Hi, Stan. 

    Thanks for writing in. Currently, we don't provide a function to track your visitors' traffic in the 3D tour. However, you can copy and paste the embed code we generate into your website, then edit the HTML tag of the page to track visitors traffic. FYI, You can find the embed code on the right menu of the Publisher tab. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

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