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Does Cupix export to any other formats (e.g. DAE, ABC, 3DS, FBX, BVH, PLY, OBJ, X3D/WRL, STL or SVG)?

  • Hi, Claus. 

    Thanks for writing in and we apologize for the late reply. 

    Currently, you can export your 3D tour to PLY and OBJ format. To download your 3D tour in those formats, go to the Overview tab and click the cloud icon labeled download 3D data. Keep in mind that you can download the data when your 3D tour has 3D mesh. This option may not be available if you turn on the option 'Do not generate 3D mesh' when you upload photos/videos. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Can Cupix output to a file I can use separately from going through the Cupix servers? I would like to upload a file for a client or better yet, give them a file they can upload so it doesn't have to go through Cupix servers. 

  • Hi, Todd.

    The offline tour feature will be available soon shortly. However, you may need to pay additionally to download it. Or, you can give an embed code of the 3D tour and let them upload it to their website and that way you don't need to pay and keep updating the 3D tour.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • how to upload oculus go and then how to use it.

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