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Hi, today I received my Oculusd Go. Imgo, this will be a great tool to show virtual tours. Will there be support for this device in the future too?



  • Hi, Yvan.

    Thanks for writing in and sorry for the late reply. Your post was left off the forum list. Unfortunately, we don't support the Oculus Go. Currently, we have no plan to support the HMD. We recommend viewing the 3D tours on the web because not many people have the device yet. We've been requested for that feature from some of our users, but we have an insufficient human resource to develop all the features users asked. We'll consider your suggestion and let you know when it's available. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Thank you for your reply. I hope it will be integrated in the future because some of my real estate clients use HMD to show tours to their clients.

    And as I'm working for a VR company too, we seriously think HMD is the future. Especially now the entry price is so low as the Oculus Go.

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