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I just wanted to list a few suggestions that I hope will be part of the Cupix experience. I come from the Construction Industry so I might provide a different viewpoint.

1. I would like to have one URL for each project. It is likely I will be making multiple tours of the same building over time and it would be great if I there was a dropdown for each iteration of the project. I know this is possible by using the compare tool but I would like the option on the viewer to choose the left side as well as the right. This would stop me from having to send out a new URLs for each iteration or having the viewer constantly view an old model on the left side.

I found a workaround by combining the tours into one and then adding each tour into the highlight reel labeled by dates but I wonder if this was the intended feature of the highlight reel. The downside to this is that the highlight reel is converted into a history tracker and then the feature of comparing one another is lost as well 

(Is there a copy 3D tour option?)

2. I recently tried the VR on a google cardboard and found there was no full screen option. Beside the address bar interrupting the experience, it also inhibited my ability to tap on the screen due to the design of the cardboard which unfortunately presses the top of the screen where the address bar is making the ability to move while viewing imposible.

3. During the processing it would be nice to have a percentage or an ETA. I might end up uploading thousands of photos for a single tour so knowing if the process is working or not would be helpful. 

4. I realize adding more photos to a tour would cause the processing to restart again but it would be a great feature, given the time it takes to upload large amount of photos. If you had the ability to reuse the photos that have been uploaded already that would save a lot of time. In relation to that, it would be convenient to control when the processing starts. I might get into a situation where I have half of the photos one day and get the other half the next. If I had the option to upload the first batch and then later upload the remaining it would save some time.

5. In the edit mode there is an arrow which states "Move this Section into another 3D tour" when there is only one Section it asks to delete the 3D tour first. I understand the message box but it should be more clear because the message box comes off as you just pressed the delete 3D tour button. It really should come after the selection of moving the Section to another 3D tour..

6. The hotspot feature to link to another view is not clear. I went to the view I wanted and used the "Copy a link to the current viewport" and pasted that into the hotspot but when I use the tour clicking on the link opens a new window to that location. I would like to stay within the same window and move to that location. Am I doing this wrong? Is there another link labeled Viewport Link that I am not seeing? 

Other than that, I can honestly say I have been very pleased at all the features that Cupix brings. I look forward to using this product across an entire construction project. It will be a valuable tool in more ways than I can image. Keep up the great work. 

  • Hi, Devin.

    We do appreciate that you left great suggestions which will help us improve our service. Your suggestions gave us great insight into what we should be working on to meet the demands of the construction industry. Some of the ideas will be reported to our development department, and we'll inform you when the features you requested are available. Here are brief answers to each suggestion/question you left. 

    1. The feature that allows you to choose 3D tours on both left and right side viewer is a good idea. We'll discuss this feature more with our developers and let you know our plan for it. As for the project URL, you can create one workspace for each project and use the URL of the workspace when you share all the tour in the workspace. Adding extra workspaces is free on the BETA version, but when the official product is launched, the cost will be charged to each workspace. If you click the list view mode in the workspace, you can see all the 3D tours like the drop-down form. FYI, Sorting by the created date will be added to our next update. 

    Unfortunately, you are not able to copy a 3D tour at this moment. We've added that to our feature request list as well. The below image shows the list view of the 3D tours in the workspace.

    2. We've checked that issue, but the full-screen mode works fine. The full-screen mode in the web player is a currently added feature, and you might have tried before this feature is available. Would you try again? If you still have the same issue, contact us.

    3. There are too many factors affecting the processing progress, so we are not able to give the estimated processing time. That's why we added the progress bar for each step such as mapping calculating point cloud and finalizing, but apparently, it's not intuitive to users. We'll discuss your suggestion, showing the percentage, and let you know the result. Averagely, it takes 2~3 minutes per photo, and if the processing time exceeds the expected time, you can contact us.

    4. That suggestion is related to the 3D tour copy and section transfer features. Depends on the number of photos you upload, it may be more efficient to upload separately to save up the time to process. The maximum number of photos that can be calculated at once is about 200 per section, so if you have more than that, it'd better create a new tour/section and combine them after processing.

    5. That's a good point. We'll change the message to make it clear. 

    6. If the viewpoint link is in the same group or section, then it directly leads you to the spot you set, but when the link is from another group or ungrouped section, a new window will pop up. If the new window shows up when you click the viewpoint link from the same group/section, share us your tour so that we can take a look. 

    Again, thanks for writing in and your suggestions were really helpful. Feel free to ask us whenever you have any questions or ideas. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Thanks for the reply, I got a few more for you mostly regarding the navigation and end-user experience. 

    7. There should be a way to draw an area on the floor plan. The area would allow the user to click on the area and navigate to the room. While inside the area there should be a title within the navigator indicating what room you are in. Right now there is no good way to name what room you are in besides the 3D text which is limited.

    8. The 3D text should have an option to alway face the camera.

    9. The panos should have an option to hide them within the floor plan but still be usable within the navigation. If there was the area option there should be an option to turn them all off and just use the area tool. 

    10. The zoom fit for the floor plan should not calculate in the hidden panos. 

  • Hi, Devin. 

    Thanks for leaving suggestions. 

    We're about to update our app, and soon you will be able to make a measurement on an auto-generated sketch(blue mesh) directly, which will be helpful to make a floor plan. When that feature is added, you can create your floor plan referring to the measurement lines, and insert room names or other information in it. You can create an interactive floor plan which navigates you through a 3D tour then add each room to the Highlights so that you can go the area directly. This method has a similar result as you described. We'll consider your suggestion, but in the meantime, you can try this.

    Your suggestions are noted, and we'll consider them for our next update.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • I have been trying to set up a Revit model to match the tour but found I was unable to rotate the model once it was uploaded to be able to match the floor plans. Is there a way to rotate the model about the z-axis? The X/Y axis option just moves the origin point and does not rotate.


  • Regarding the Asset Library is there a way to rotate the imported Revit model? I see a “Rot around z-axis” set to zero but I can’t find where to change it. I realize I could rotate the floor plan but then all the letters are not facing the right way and people are use to seeing the floor plan this way already. 

    The X/Y option just moves the origin point to the intersection of the two planes selected. It doesn’t seem to matter which plane I select first as it only rotates if the selected planes are not parallel with the X or Y axis . I need to rotate the origin point around the z-axis. I moved the origin point to match the drawing but I don’t see a way to rotate either the model or the origin point in the imported Revit model.

  • image

  • Also posting pictures does not seem to work in the form so here is a link


  • Also posting pictures or links does not work within the form for me

    Copy/Paste to view photos

  • Also posting links or photos doesn't seem to work for me.

  • Few more ideas most of which came from having a ton of small groupings that I have to manually move around or hide.

    11. Allow manual control of grouping and ungrouping of panos (when a pano does not connect it is a pain to move)

    12. Be able to delete panos (in projects where I hide about half the panos if I get a few strays I don't spend the time to find where they go)

    13. Set a connection limit (meaning if the pano does not connect to X amount of other panos it is deleted/ in the processing phase) 

    14. Be able to see/modify the name of the selected group in the layout tab. (Since I cannot delete the panos I have been moving them over to a trash 3D tour to get rid of them but the problem is I don't know what their name is to do that)

  • Hi, Devin.

    Thanks for writing in. As for the first question; 'Is there a way to rotate the imported Revit model?', Unfortunately, there's no way to rotate the Revit model. The Autodesk Forge viewer API provides access to individual components in a Revit model. However, there is also no built-in tools directly provided by the API to transform components from the UI. You are able to rotate the floor plan and move it to up/downward only. You need to adjust the direction of the sections in the editing page to align the Revit model with your 3D tour. 

    Manually (un)grouping panos sounds very useful, and we will forward to our development team and make sure to be applied to our future update. As for the suggestion 12, hiding panos works the same way as deleting panos. One difference is you can still navigate the hidden panos in the editing mode which helps you have a better control overall in the 3D tour. Only in the Web Player, the walkthrough to the hidden panos is limited. Since the hidden panos are marked with 'X,' so they wouldn't make you feel confused. However, if the deleting pano feature is essential in editing a 3D tour for you, we'll consider that request. 

    Even though a pano has only one connection, it may be essential to construct a 3D tour. Assume that there's a pano that has only two connection on a narrow hallway and it's connected to other panos that has multiple connections with others. This pano works like a bridge to connect two rooms even though it has only two connectivities. Without this pano, your 3D tour may not be aligned automatically. Therefore, every single pano is important when the server creates a 3D tour and panos that the server fails to find any connections are split from the original section categorizing as NA(Not Aligned) or ANC(Aligned but Not Connected). So this suggestion is not valid for our service, but we get the point of your opinion and will try to streamline our app in a better way.

    For the last suggestion, we agree with you. We may be able to display the name of the selected group with the name of each image. We'll list this request on our feature request and notify you when it's available.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

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