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What is the prescribed method for linking multiple floors (sections) so the user can "walk" up and down the stairs to get to another level?

  • Hi, Mike.

    Sorry for the late reply. First of all, we've added the Section Selector which helps you to link floors way quickly, and we highly recommend our users to use that feature. 

    However, if you do want to link multiple floors letting your users walk up and down, there's a way. This may be a bit tricky, but we can help you out. Follow the instruction below, and if you have any further questions or face to problems, feel free to ask us help.

        ① Take photos on the stairs, then upload the photos to the different sections. (ex. photos of the 1st floor to 'section1', 2nd floor to 'secton2') 

            Make sure that you take enough photos spacing 2-3 steps. The editing process will be more difficult if the sections are separated.

        ② Group all the section into one, then go to the 'Floor plan' tab. All the sections in the group will be displayed on the layout window which shows a grid and a coordinate. 

        ③  Position them in a right location by rotating and adjusting the elevation setting. Once you're done, lock the position and connect a pano ring to another one in the other section. 

             You can refer to this video to learn more about how to connect sections.

    This is a 3D tour that one of our users created.

    But, again this is not a recommended way and to create it successfully, you must take enough photos. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • I'm having the same issue, and the directions don't seem all that clear. So would you upload half of the stair set to section 1 and half of the stair set to section 2? Then group the sections together? Or would you add the entire stair set into section 1 and upload the full second floor to section 2? 

  • I need help linking the 1st floor with the 2nd floor via stairs.

    Can anyone help? The video above doesn’t help because that floor plans is on 1 floor.

    I need to connect a 2 story house and doing it the way the video says to messes the whole floor plan up.

  • You can use the section selector as a navigational menu, like the original response promotes, or, i have had success in the last 3 properties I did by uploading all images to one section and letting the server do its job. These all worked perfect for me, just make sure you take a photo on every 2 to 3 steps.
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