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Adding 3D textured mode to Publisher


Hello, Good day.

I would like to know if there is anyway that i can add 3D textured mode to publisher, or send to clients?


Ali fard

  • Hi. Ali.

    Thanks for writing in and we're sorry for the late reply. Currently, we don't have the option to display the textured mode to your clients. There are three alternative ways to show it to your clients.

         Option 1. Share your workspace with 'Read-only' permission. (Share > Insert a cupix account of your client > Set 'Read-only' as permission > click share) 

                         The clients are able to access only the Overview and Review tab and they can view the 3D textured mode on the Review tab. Keep in mind that the clients can view the entire tours in the workspace.

         Option 2. Screen-capture the 3D textured mode and add it to a floor plan. Then your clients can view it in the web player. However, they are not able to rotate or pan it.

         Option 3. Download the 3D data of your tour on the Overview tab, then send the OBJ files to your clients. You can import this file into 3D point-cloud/mesh editing software such as MeshLab or CloudCompare

                         But this method requires your clients to download and install the software, and it may be complicated for people who haven't used this software before.


    You can choose one of the methods described above according to your purpose.

    Best Regards

    Cupix Support

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