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Hello Cupix team,

What an amazing system!  We have clients who want the final product with no reference to creator. In other words white labeled virtual tour with the ability to host or embed under other domains.  Is this a feature that you will offer with your higher end subscription models?  If so what price range?


  • Deer Cupix Support,

    I just found this tool (my first time trying a 360 tour & I'm unaware if there's anything else like this out there) and I absolutely love it. Bravo that you can submit it right to Google Streetview and however you developed this to be so very easy & quick to use really surprised me... great job! Can you please send me an email regarding the pricing information including timeframe as you have to some of the people prior in this thread?

    And I guess I'm just confused that you're not offering white-labeled/self-hosted 3D tours without "Powered by Cupix" in any of your packages levels. You've made an amazing service/platform/product that I don't mind paying for at all, but no offense, you can't come out with a white labeling option for even a highest priced tier/package? I get that you want to promote your brand, but that will certainly prevent the extent of usage when it comes to using it for professional/commercial purposes. I have outlets/clients that I intend to use this on where it'd be nice to pay a little more to have the white labeling option (which does make me look less professional, but I can swallow that pill, given how easy/short it is and because you guys really do deserve the publicity and income that is sure to follow), but there are companies (one I'm thinking of specifically, but I'm sure I'd encounter more) that I do work with who are very brand conscious and so protective of their brand that they would never allow a third party "powered by" to be a part of their website.

    Sorry for the rant, I just found that aspect to be the only disappointing aspect of what you've built. Everything else, great! I'm really excited for the opportunities this will provide for myself and others I work with down the road. Thank you!

  • Hi, Cherif.

    Thanks for writing in. We've contacted you via email. 

    As for the white-label, we don't have the plan to provide that option as we told you before. We'll let you know when we consider it. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Hi, Cherif.

    We've sent you an email regarding the information you requested. Contact us if you have any questions.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Please if you have the final price send to my email too. And about the domain can I use my own instead of

  • Yes, I am interested in WL usage myself. Please keep us posted. Kind Regards,


  • Hi, Max and John

    Thanks for your interest in cupix. The bottom line is that you are not able to have a white-labeled 3D virtual tour. However, you can customize all the branding option except 'Powered by Cupix' which appears for a couple of seconds when the web player is loading. You can't host the tour by yourself, but you can embed your tour freely into your website. If you concern about the security of your tour, we guarantee you that your data will be stored safely in our server no matter what happens. FYI, we use the Amazon server which is the safest cloud server, and you don't need to worry about sudden data loss. Also, in the case of we are no longer able to continue our business which will not happen, we will grant you to download your tours. 

    Again, regarding the white-labeled tours, we prioritize to promote our service to more people so we will stick to our policy not to provide the white-labeled tours. We hope you can understand this. 

    For the pricing, we haven't finalized the official pricing yet so we can't give you any clues. The official pricing plan will be announced in May, and we will inform you a roughly estimated figure about two weeks before we publish it. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • No white label, no purchase. This is a great product, but this is why we never ventured into matterport. I hoped this would be different. :(

  • Hi, Tom.

    Thanks for writing in and we do appreciate your great interest and support. First of all, we've sent you an email regarding the pricing. If you have any further questions about it, feel free to contact us. We're planning to announce our pricing within a week, then have a 30-days free trial. So if you subscribe for our service, your actual payment will start from July. 

    We're sorry but we don't have a plan to provide the white label, and that's our company policy. We'll notify you if we have the option, but we can't give you the exact timeline for that.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Dear Cupix Support

    I think you should consider the option of offering white-labeled 3D tours with out "Powerd by Cupix", in a Premium pack for example!!


  • Hi, Cherif.

    Thanks for writing in and your feedback. We've carefully considered the white-labeled 3D tour, and we've concluded not to include that option in any of our packages. We're sorry to deliver this news to you, but as you know, 'Powered by Cupix' only appears for a couple of seconds while loading the 3D tour and at this moment we prioritize the improvement of brand awareness. Therefore, we need to promote our brand to attract more customers. However, this policy may be changed or revised at any time, and we'll inform you of any changes. 

    Best Regards

    Cupix Support

  • Hi, All!

    Here's great news for you!

    Finally, we are ready to roll out the white-labeled Web Player. The availability is limited and we will gradually roll it out on a first-come, first-served basis.

    If you are interested in this new exciting offering, please contact us for more details.

    Best Regards.

    Cupix Support

  • Still no news on pricing? You said it would be out in May, with some clues two weeks prior. I'm sure like many I cannot commit or work on this with any 'real' clients until I can tell them what the actual real cost is going to be. We have no idea whether we are talking $1 a tour or $50 !!

  • Hello, I am also interested in the WL solution.

    Which price structure or which procedure is required? I look forward to receiving an email. Dear Greetings Germany
  • Hi, Steve.

    Thanks for reaching out. We've sent you an email regarding the pricing. 

    Also, our official launch will be at the end of this month, and the final pricing will be announced next week.

    Best Regards, 

    Cupix Support

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