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Tour resolution Low/Standard available — will high become available?


Will there be an option for high resolution tours in the live version?   — side question - where can I find the HTML to post on a web  page

  • Hi, David.

    Thanks for writing in. The tour will always be presented with the highest resolution in the web player regardless of the option you set in the editing mode. The resolution option takes effect only in the editing mode so that you can enjoy faster speed in editing.

    For the side question, go to the 'Publisher tab' and click the 'Embed' on the right side of the screen. Click copy icon and paste the embed code to your website. 

    You can refer to the image below. 

    Best Regards, 

    Cupix Support

  • Thank you ... I'm testing a Samsung 360 camera .. I am mistaking the inherent pixel noise in the images from this camera with "low res" on your end ... i really appreciate your quick response

    Im looking at the Ricoh theta V to try next ... if any users have shareable links of home/hotel room spaces using this camera, that would be great.

    Thanks Again

  • Good for you. We do recommend the Ricoh Theta V considering the general quality of tours. Contact us anytime when you have questions. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • I've taken several tours using the same camera, now i don't see the high resolution option, even though all my settings are the same as my previous tours. I'm using a mi sphere 360 camera. It shoots 4k, and pics at 24 megapixels, plenty for high resolution. Is high resolution not an option anymore? I only see low and standard now, even though my old tours show high resolution as an option. 

  • you say the resolution you choose doesn't matter, but my old tours (with the high resolution option) are WAY BETTER. much more clear and crisp. where is the high resolution option?!!! i will definitely not be purchasing this if this can not be fixed. I have a shoot tomorrow, and all of a sudden I can't do it in high definition... I'm quite furious. 

  • Cupix team, I have tried submitting several tickets, and even tried posting to new and already open discussions. Everytime I click submit or save, i'm sent back to the Support center home screen... at least a dozen times now from 2 different computers, so i'm going to post this to every discussion i can until someone gets back to me!!!!!! I've made several tours when the high resolution option was available. It is no longer there, and in its place you have the "Full" resolution option. This is not full resolution at all.   Why is there no option for High resolution anymore?! You changed your options to Low and "Full". the "Full" resolution option is no where near actual Full resolution. Here are the Links to prove my position. This is the first link (high resolution) that I've done in the past -   You'll notice the crips lines on the wood railings and clarity of the wood floor and things around.    This is the second and newest tour I've done where you only allow the options of Low and "Full" resolutions -   you'll notice the complete blur on everything? no crisp lines on the desk or floors. This is embarassing. I can't send this to my clients. Where is the high resolution option? Are you not offering it until we start paying for the service? Why are you calling it "Full resolution" when its no where near full resolution? The photos are close to 3.5k, and in no way should be blurry! I read your response to a customer in the forum where you stated every tour is shown at the fullest resolution and the options of low, medium and high were only for editing. I don't know if you've checked into that, because I have, and its completely incorrect. The tour is not shown at the highest resolution possible... not even close. Frankly, it looks like crap comparitively to the old tours where "High" resolution was an option. I've tried writing this ticket 6 times and when I click submit, it just vanishes and isn't submitted. I've copied this and will paste it and click submit until it appears in the "my tickets" page. Please respond and answer all questions.  I'm also trying to attach a file with a video proving that when I click submit, nothing happens and my ticket IS NOT SUBMITTED but the 15 second video is too large to upload, so i'm putting it on youtube and posting a link at the bottom of this to prove my point. I have 2 previous tickets already that have not been answered. Is anyone else having these problems? Why is customer support so terrible?!     Link to video of Cupix Support ignoring my support submission

  • Hi, Jared.

    We apologize for the late reply. Your 3D tour will be presented with the highest resolution(the original resolution of photos when you upload) in the web player regardless of the option you set in the editing page in our App as we answered. The resolution option in the editing page improves the speed of performance, and it is applied to the editing page only. Cupix doesn't increase/decrease the resolution of photos when you upload and when you display the 3D tours to the Web player. The high resolution is only available for a DSLR, and the standard is the best resolution you can get if you take photos with a 360º camera.

    Slight movements while capturing, lights and other factors can affect the quality of photos, and this may cause the blurriness which might make you think the resolution is lower than before. Again, there's no change in between the previous version of our app and the current one when it comes to the resolution issue. We hope that the shooting went well, and if you have any questions feel free to ask us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Hey there.Using the insta 360 one x camera.The photo quality and resolution are stunning.But when I upload them and create 3d tour, the final result is awful.Blurry and noisy ( I am telling about saved one ( finalized ) , not when edit mode ).What is the problem?????
  • I have the same comment regarding quality of photos on hosted tours.  I also use the Insta360 One x, and when I compare the quality of the photos that I upload (using a different software) and the images from the tour, they are very different.  The tour seems to be done with a cheap camera and cheap software. Any settings I'm missing?

  • The photo quality is deliberately brought down to a certain level in order to enhance the loading speed while editing. If the photo resolution is higher than 6000x3000, choose High from the Photo Resolution drop-down on the upper-right menu bar. Note that this option applies only to the editing screen, and your clients will see the highest resolution in the web player. 

    When it comes to the web player, the photo quality shown in the player is based on the original photos uploaded by the user. We do not reduce, edit or process images that might cause decreased image quality. Every scene is displayed by loading gradually from lower resolution to higher resolution. If a 3D tour is played with lower Internet speed, then, it may take time to reach the highest resolution. It may look as if the 3D tour is displayed in a lower resolution. In order to enhance the loading speed, when using a desktop or a laptop computer, use a faster Wi-Fi or wired Internet. When using a mobile device, connecting to Wi-Fi may help. 


    Cupix Support

  • I just published a tour, this is my first attempt. i used full resolution (My camera is a Theta V) the tour is so grainy and blurry I cannot give this to a client. Something is definitely causing the resolution to deteriorate once published. The photos i used look great in PS and Lighroom

  • Hi Team, I am also facing the same problem with the tour i am trying to create, the end result is all blurry and low resolution.  It takes eternity to upload the images and then even in web player the tour is all blurry. After reading reviews about the cupix I opted for paid version and now  I feel disappointed for the choice. Looking for a positive response. Regards

  • Hi Team, My tour is also blurry and low resolution :(
    I am using the new Ricoh Theta V 2019.
    Sorry guys but I cannot give this to a client.

  • Same situation on my end, connected to the Ethernet with 220mb download speeds and the tour still takes a decent amount of time to load a medium resolution experience. 
    Also disappointed for the choice but here's to hoping for improvements.

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