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How can I set the view direction (heading) to be the center of the 360 equirectangular photos in my tour. The tour changes directions and I would like to have the view follow it. Currently once the view direction is changed by the viewer it stays that way so when the tour direction changes the viewer is left facing the wrong way.

  • Hi, Dean.

    Thanks for writing in. Do you mean that you always want to start the scene as your desired way regardless of which direction you are looking at? 

    So, it's like a traditional VR tour which doesn't have any connection between scenes, with no walk-through, do I get it right?

    You can do that by uploading each photo to each section one by one and add them to a highlight reel. But, then your clients cannot walk through the tour. The purpose of the walkthrough is to provide more immersive experience, and that's why the view follows the viewers' direction.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Hello Dean,

    Viewer's view direction cannot be fixed to one object or direction, if he/she moves around manually by clicking, for example. But, maybe using the Camera Animation could be an alternative. This way, viewers will have to just watch the tour in a particular path, speed and 'direction' that was manually set by you. The Camera Animation can be stopped by click anywhere on the Player, but then, the view direction will be based on where you were looking.

    If you think the Camera Animation could be useful, please see below tutorial for your reference. 

    Short Tutorial - How to Camera Animation

    View directions of each frame will be according to your preset, so if you want viewer's sight fixed to a hole cup of a golf course, then make sure to pan your screen towards it before adding frames to the Camera Animation.

    Please let us know if you have more question.

    Best regards,

    Cupix support


    <Dean's reply a day earlier>

    Yes, I want the direction of the scene to start with the forward direction (ie. the center of the equi photo) for the reasons I stated. Its not feasible for me to upload each photo. I have hundreds of photos in each tour. Can you please suggest another solution or add an option to start each scene with the default view? Thank you!

  • Sorry, but I don't think you understood what I meant. I don't want to fix the viewers view direction. I only want the viewers view direction to start by facing the center of the equirectangular photo at each location. They can then change their view to whatever they like. But then if they move to a different location on the tour the direction will go back to the starting view of the center of the photo. This is because my tours will be linear along a path. The viewer will not be able to move off that path. Is this possible without adding all photos as highlights? If not could you please add an option to support it?
  • I also could have the same issue/question I think. Example: I took several photos going upstairs to the second floor. At the top of the platform, between the first and second floor, I had the camera continuing to face forward, mistake. This photo looks directly into a wall. I should have turned the camera to the right 90degrees and that would have given a smoother flow to the tour. Three pictures later, on the same platform, I again should have turned the camera 90 degrees as if you were walking up to the second-floor stairs. You can still get up the stairs with the way I took the photos but it would be nice to keep the viewers from "working" to get through the tour. What I think Dean and I are wanting is the ability to change the view of each camera as you come to them very much like setting the first entry photo of the tour. You can select the entry photo but you can also choose the direction it is facing and that is what I want to do. If I could set the camera view at each location it would avoid having to reshoot and help make it flow better. The camera animation feature partially solves this issue but most people want to walk through the tour themselves. It's a lot more fun. Thanks for the help. 

  • I also have this issue.  I am having a problem where the system is processing the photo's with starting view point being 90 degrees off of the direction the camera was originally facing.   I would like to be able to set the "view" of each point on the tour so the user doesn't have to move it unless they want.

    For example, in a long hall the image is processed to start with a view pointed toward the wall, instead of down the hall (where it was pointed).  I want to reset the POV so that they are looking down the hall when they get to that spot.  

  • Currently, we don't have a function that allows users to preset the view direction. However, your idea seems useful, especially, when there's an important part of a photo that you don't want viewers to miss. Depending on the view direction, you may miss the part, so setting the view direction, in this case, will definitely come in handy. 

    Please let us discuss this first and see if it should be included on our To-Do list. This may take some time, so please kindly wait. 

    Best regards,

    Cupix Support

  • I second the motion to prioritise the new feature in the to do list. It is a logical and useful feature.

  • Hi everybody, how can I change the direction of my panos? Thx

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