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3D model preview...dollhouse options..???


I am a newbie here, so can anyone explain me this.. what is the point of 3D model and download option, if it is not playable in any other player except in cupix web player, as it states here...

does it have option to embed 3D render in our sites, and by clicking on certain spot of dollhouse, it zooms in and present us tour ...just like matterport does...

please explain...thanks in advance

  • Hello, Dado.

     Sorry for the late reply. Some of the users download the point clouds of 3D tours and use them for further analysis in other 3D software to turn them into usable information or reference purposes. For instance, Point clouds can be used as an accurate guide for users to create BIM ready 3D models. The option to embed 3D render in the sites is not available at this moment. We have received similar feedback from other users as well, and are considering presenting the 3D models in the web player. It might take a while because we can't just apply what Matterport does. We need to figure out how we display the 3D models in our own way which will be more intuitive. Thanks again for your opinion.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Any progress on the display of 3D models? It's a much sought after feature and is expected by clients who are used to Matterport.

  • We're afraid but the request is still under reviewing. We will let you know when we make a decision.


    Cupix Support

  • How do I see the 3d dollhouse model all I have option to do is see the tour??

  • You re twice the price from Matter of Matterport and do not have a Dollhouse??????

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