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Is there anyway to delete a photo that was uploaded?


 I just did my first 3D tour and it was all in one room. For some reason it made it into it's own sub-section called Section 1-1. When I preview it, it plays the one picture rather than the 8 3D tour pictures in Section 1. I'm not seeing anyway to just delete this one photo that seems to be causing the problem. Do I need to re-upload and create a whole new tour?


  • Hello, John.

    Thanks for writing in. Sometimes photos you upload in the same section may not automatically align and are split from their original section like section 1-1, 1-2, and more. There could be various reasons for this separation, and as for your case, it seems like the repeated pattern on the floor caused an error in alignment. We've checked your tour, and one of the section which consists of 8 stations has a misplaced station.

    We recommend two methods to fix the section separation. 

    1. Take more photos and create a 3D again. Take photos every single step to prevent the distortion caused by the repeated pattern of the floor. 
               Here's a quick tutorial you can look through.  TUTORIAL: How to take photos for Cupix 

           2. However, because of the pattern of the floor as I aforementioned, we can't guarantee the all the photos will be aligned into a section even though you cover the scene with more photos. 
               So the other recommend way is to manually merge the separated sections. You can refer to the video on our YouTube Channel; How to merge sections

    Also, we've attached a screencast of your tour to give you a clear understanding of how you need to do.

    Best Regards,
    Cupix Support

  • You never answered the original question, "Is there anyway to delete a photo that was uploaded?" I would like to remove some images from my virtual tour as they are redundant or not needed. ( I do love the software just a couple things that are not intuitive or are missing)

  • After messing around with the software there doesn't seem to be a delete only a hide photo that simulates more or less the same effect of removing that image from your final virtual tour.

  • Hi, Diego.

    Sorry for the late reply. As you already figured out, you are not able to delete the uploaded photos. The only thing you can do is to hide the photos. To explain the reason that you can't delete the photos, the server uses all the images you uploaded to create a 3D model which is laid under the 3D tour you are viewing. If you delete an image, the 3D data it has will be missing. Therefore, you can't play the 3D tour seamlessly. By hiding photos instead of deleting, your 3D tour is properly played while the image you don't want to show will be removed from the web player. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • We want to delete them if we go over the size limitation. Hiding them won't cut down on the magabites of all images I assume?

    So if we load all our images, go over the allotted file max with the free or paid plans, the only thing to do is delete everything and start over uploading less images? That's a pain.

  •  I would also like some clarification on what Don has said. The G's that we have been given will max out if we are unable to delete photos. Also, will hiding pictures remove itself from the connection to the rest of the map? It seems that when I have tried hiding pictures that original photo that starts the tour is still connected to it and hides also. This does seem like a headache, would you recommend starting over on a project if the amount to be deleted is "many photos".

  • I am wondering the same thing. I feel a bit mislead going into this. I have 3 tours on my 'Small' plan and I'm maxed on my file size already. I have 2 more to upload for my client.
    When I signed up, I thought I had up to 3GB for each project with unlimited new 3D tours that I can add each month. I also didn't shoot the first 3 projects thinking as much about file size and took  many photos to help the software stitch everything together, which I ended up 'hiding' most of them but even when hidden still count against the file size. I also only charged my client $125/yr to cover the monthly cost because I was assuming I would do more VR work for other clients and charge them $125/yr. 
    So yes to some extent this is my fault for not reading the words Cupix has chosen to advertise their plans with a bit more carefully but it leaves me with a couple issues... Should I abandon Cupix and try another platform that isn't trying to nickel and dime me for every step I take trying to make a couple bucks myself. OR should I eat $125/yr and tell my client to remove the first 3 VR tours we've completed from their website because I need to reupload their tour into Cupix using the least amount of photos possible so I can get all 5 of their tours into 3GB of space. (We don't need the 3D model) I understand and appreciate the softwares ability to merge all the photos together by taking 3 photos in and our of every doorway but all those photos add up and when you don't use them in your final tour it just doesn't seem right...

  • Thanks for writing in. We are afraid but we need more photos than existing 3D tour creating software, but our app requires sufficient overlaps among photos in order to align them automatically. We understand your concern, and we have three methods to reduce your storage usage and manage your 3D tours more effectively. 

    1. Compress image files

    You can compress your image files before you upload them to our server. The method we described on this blog article, how to compress your image files without losing quality, takes away information from images, yet still maintaining the overall image quality.  The change is difficult to tell, especially for the images taken with a high-resolution camera. You can read more details in our blog.

    2. Get a long-term storage discount

    We offer a long-term storage discount. When a 3D tour is older than 12 months, only 10% of its actual file size will be counted against the capacity plan. Note that you are required to subscribe to the Medium or Large capacity plan to get the benefits. You can learn more about it in this help article, Storage discount on long-term 3D tours.

    3. Publish your 3D tours to Gogle map and remove them from our app

    You can export your 3D tour to Google Street View and delete it. Your tour will be still available on Google Maps even after you remove it from our app. 

    We hope you found this information useful. Please feel free to get back with me if you have any questions or if missed something along the way. 


    Cupix Support

  • I also spent some time looking for ways to delete (not hide) panos.  The tour has around 80 scans, and I had completed all the editing when I decided to remove some panos. I understand that if I remove panos the 3D is "affected".  However, if I re-upload only the panos I want (& I do all the editing again) the 3D mesh is affected anyway. So, what's the big deal of allowing me to remove certain panos when I'm allowed to re-upload the tour with fewer panos?

    Also, I shared the same comment about overall storage space available with the current capacity plans.  The small package is absolutely insufficient to do any work even if I create tours for Google platform.  I need to keep the tours for at least a month before deleting them. I need to give clients time to review the tour and request some minor fine tuning. The small package allow me to have 2-3 clients at the time only.  Now, if the solution recommended is to compress as much as possible every single pano ... well, this reminds me what people did in the 80's to save a few memory bites here and there.

  • Agreed, honestly you guys please allow 'select all" and delete.  I forgot to compress before I imported the data, not I have to delete one by one?  Just shoot me now!

  • I ran into this problem today, and am a bit annoyed  by the answer. I created an outdoor tour and didn't realize I can upload and replace. This was a tour I spent a large amount of time on to manually line up, so there's no 3d mesh here to worry about. I have 72 files taking up space, and now feel like I have to start over. The 3d mesh doesn't seem to work properly anyway on anything I upload. We should have the right to manage our space, we're paying you for that privilege.  Options 2 and 3 both require additional addons, the solution to saving space isn't spending more money.  Some of us will be just fine with the ability to delete. Let the ones who aren't figure it out on their own. Please allow us to delete panos from our tour. It's greedy to suggest those other solutions. And yes, I've already compressed every file. Thank you.

  • yep please allow user to manage their own space. I manually line them up don't want to delete the project to start over again because i want to delete some redundant panos. Please allow this function to delete panos!!!!!!!

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