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stop the face detection


The cupix will detect faces in every image and block them automatically, can it stop? thx~

  • Hello, Miki.

    You can turn off the 'Blur faces' option in the customize player menu on the player tab, then auto face blur function will not be working anymore. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Hello and congratulations for your promising product... :)

    I can't see this option? has it been deleted?

    Possible to disable all blurring at once?



  • Hi, Cedric

    Thanks for writing in. There was a slight change in that function. Currently, we automatically detect the faces in your 3D tour and blur them by default.

    To stop using this function, you need to manually unblur the blurred objects. Go to the Publisher tab and click the interactive blur icon, then drag the area while pressing the CTRL key. We're sorry that we didn't inform you in advance, and we do appreciate you left a post here so that more users are not able to check this out.

    To briefly explain the reason that we set this function as a default, this function is mostly used in the construction sites, and we believed that it'd be more efficient for them if we set it by default. We always try to the best, and the most efficient way for our users' workflow, and we hope you understand this. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Hi I cant seem to get the dragging the area while pressing CTRL solution to work

  • Hi, Jonathan.

    Thanks for writing in. Here are more details on how to unblur the objects that are automatically blurred.

    Go to the Publisher tab and click the icon labeled 'interactive floor plan.' 

    Then drag your cursor on the objects you want to unblur while pressing the CTRL key. Keep in mind that this function is only applied to the current photo. Therefore, to completely unblur the objects from every angle, you need to move to another pano ring and repeat the unblur action. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Hello Cupix team and thank you for the answer. I had indeed used this tool but for shops with many faces like opticians, it would have been useful... :) I still think that an option to remove everything at once would be nice :) Thanks anyway

  • I agree with Cedric, in one of my projects, there are a lot of sculptures that depict human faces/body. They are so likely to a human face that the software recognizes it as a real human face.

    Like that, I've to dig into each image and search for this auto blur function, my next project with a similar type of shoots will need more than 100 panos, it's going to be tedious to fix all of them singularly! 

  • Hi, Filippo.

    Thanks for writing in. We've listed your feedback on our feature request list. We'll inform you if we have any changes regarding the auto-blur feature.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

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