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Create virtual tour with 3dsmax rendered panorama scene?


Hi, i wonder can i create virtual tour with 3d rendered scenes instead of photo?


  • Hello Kynn Lai

    Thank you for your questions. Orange spots(we call them 'stations') being lined up is an indication that photos could not be aligned to their actual positions. And that is likely because there wasn't enough amount of photos. So we recommend you to take more photos and here are our tips that are simple but very effective in improving your results.

    • Take 1 photo under every doorway 
    • Space photos by 1 step near doorways  
    • Space photos by 2 step in hallways   
    • Space photos by 3 step in rooms  
    • Don't take photos too close to walls  

    Here's a quick tutorial you can look through that will elaborate on the points above.

    TUTORIAL: How to take photos for Cupix 

    If you follow the steps above you'll find your uploaded photos to automatically align into a tour >95% of the time. It's fast, simple and easy to customize and publish the tour. 

    And, as for the connecting stations(or orange spots), it must have been bugged. Please refresh your browser and try again. It should work:)

    Best regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Hi Cupix. Thanks for following up. Much appreciated.

    I've increased the 3dsmax cameras to 20 nos and rendered all of them in low resolution. After uploading & grouping them, the tour was finally created! 

    However the Cupix orange spots were automatically aligned into a straight line. Not resemblance to my original 3dsmax camera location. After i realign them accordingly, i can finally walk through virtually! Btw, i couldn't do right clicking to link the orange hotspots. Is this function no longer available?

    Thanks a lot. Great product!



  • Hi Kynn.

    It seems like your internet was disconnected while uploading or there was an error uploading. We've received only one image on our server. Would you please check again if your uploading process is completed well and the format of the file? Also, keep the uploading tab in front while uploading. Otherwise, the tab will be deactivated and the entire process will stop.


    Best Regards

    Cupix Support

  • Hi. I've tried that but no success. I rendered my 800sqf interior scene in 3ds max with about 10 cameras in 360 spherical mode, all in 2:1 ratio. After uploaded, Cupix only recognized 1 panorama view. The tour was not created. Did i miss out any steps? Or are there any necessary setting inside 3ds max camera before i render? Must i position the camera evenly in 5ft away from each to render?

    Thanks in advance.



  • Hi, Kynn

    Thanks for writing in. Yes, you can. We've seen some of the users uploaded the 3D rendered images and the tours were successful. Just make sure that the width-height ratio of the images is 2:1.

    Best Regards

    Cupix Support

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