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Hoe connect photos that are not shown in the floorplan?


I made sections from the 1st floor, the escalator, and the 2nd floor. It seems Cupid has a problem with the escalator. I try to connect the picture from the 1st floor with the picture on the 2nd floor, but the pictures of the 2nd floor are not seen as a section and are not presented in the floorplan. How can I solve this?

  • Hi, Robert.

    Sorry for the late reply. To see all the floors together, all the sections(floors) should be in the same group. The multi-level support feature is still at the stage of development so it can be a bit tricky. There are two options you can do.

    1. Add the 2nd floor on the highlight reel, so you can move to the 2nd floor by clicking the highlight image. In that case, you can't walk through to the second floor. 

    2. Group all the section and merge each section. For the sections of the 2nd floor, adjust the elevation option in the arrange section window. Check this video for your reference. (

    You try first and if it doesn't work well, please share your tour to ''. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support 

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