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Which cameras are being used?


Very early days of us looking at Cupix, but was wondering if anyone else is using an iStar Fusion?

It seems like overkill just for virtual tours, but we have one anyway for colouring our laser scan pointclouds. We don't really want to have to buy new kit if what we already have will work.

  • Hello Simeon Herrod,

    Thanks for stopping by and trying out Cupix solution. Regarding your question, you can use any type of devices as long as it can produce a 360° photo like below. 


    As you can see, the format has to be equirectangular with a width-height ratio of 2:1. And FYI, a dual fish-eyed photo(see below) is not supported, so please convert them into an equirectangular format. 


    By the way, taking a right photo is crucial for creating a seamlessly well-stitched 3D tour, and it starts by maintaining a right number of steps among photos per given situations. Here are basic tips you can start off with but if you're not satisfied with the result, then, please visit our guide to taking right photos address your mistakes. 

           <The Basic Tips>

    • Take 1 photo under every doorway 
    • Space photos by 1 step near doorways  
    • Space photos by 2 step in hallways  
    • Space photos by 3 step in rooms 

           <Photo Shoot Guide-'Fundamentals of 360° Virtual Tour Photography'>

    If you have any type of trouble please let us know at ''.

    Best regards,

    Cupix Support

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