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Do you think there will be a facility in the future to add actual objects i.e. chair, desk, table etc to the 360 tour. It has been requested by a few clients and while you can add a picture, you do not get the parallax effect in 3D.

There would then be a possibility to sell the artefacts to users who could then resize the objects to, for example, populate an empty office with furniture to make it look more attractive.

  • Hi, James.

    Thank you for writing in. We've got the request from several users, and we agree that is a great idea. We're sorry that we can't offer this feature in our next update which will be released next month. 

    That feature will be available later in the future since it takes some time to develop and we might need to set up a partnership with a furniture company. 

    We'll let you know via newsletter when this feature is announced. Again, thank you for your opinion.

    Best Regards.

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