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I am currently undertaking a university project about the benefits and viability of 360 VR tours for GIS and route planning systems.

I was wondering what the pricing strategy will be since, I believe that the open beta ends after the end of this year and if you offer discounted services or additional trials?

Many thanks and kind regards,


  • Hello, Jaskaran. 

    Thanks for writing in and we're happy that our service can help your project. Regarding the pricing, we haven't determined the pricing yet, and the open beta will last until this January. The pricing will be very reasonable and won't surprise you. Also, tours are completely free and will always be free if created during the beta period. So feel free to try it out until the Beta ends.

    We're considering the discount or additional trial offer to users of academic and non-profit institutions, but this will be clear once we release our pricing. If you continue using our service after the pricing release, please contact us then we can discuss this topic further.  

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support Team

  • Hello,

    Sorry for the latenes of this reply.

    Thank you for the response and looking forward to see your services grow and bring 3D virtual tours into the consumer market. Looking forward to properly and fully utlising your services in the immediate future!

    Kind regards,


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