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Floorplans and Dollhouse view


When will Cupix automatically generate the floorplan and dollhouse view?

  • Hi, I'm the founder of Blue-Sketch, a floor plan company working on getting floor plans from Cupix tours. We're currently doing trials for learning and understanding the hurdles and process for getting floor plans created from Cupix tours. 

    We're hoping to have a price and turnaround time figured out in January 2018 for our service.

    In the meantime, I have a question for you: Is there a preference regarding the floor plan color? Our designer came up with four alternative color palettes that we could use. Take a look attached. 

  • I’d prefer something even more neutral. Whites or light grey. The browns and yellows look dated, take up too much ink when printed and would be competing visually with the decor of a home. 

  • Hi Petra, 

    Do you have any information on your product?  Is it available yet for integration with Cupix?



  • Hi Shane, we've created a number of floor plans for Cupix photographers directly, however no news from Cupix regarding a formal integration. Please see here what Cupix Support responded a couple of months ago

    Please email if you'd like a floor plan for a tour from Cupix because we can make it.
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