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Does Cupix support Garmin virb 360?


Does Cupix support Garmin virb 360? 

How to upload Garmin virb 360 data to Cupix?
Do I need to translate it into JPG file format in first before I upload it?

Thank you!

  • Hi. 

    Yes, of course, you can use Garmin VIRB 360. Cupix supports all kinds of 360 cameras.

    Currently, we support only JPEG format, so you need to convert your photos to JPEG format. Also, the photos should be less than 30MB, and the ratio of width to height should be 2:1.

    Here is a sample image for your reference.


    Thank you.

  • But again, the dimensions of the photo must be 2:1. That means that if the width of the photo is 5,000 pixels, the height should be 2,500 pixels. Make sure this is the case because that is a requirement.



  • Thank you!

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