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Will cupix remove tripod


I was wondering when shooting on a tripod will cupix remove the tripod or will i need to do this in photoshop before uploading the images.

  • Hi Alan,

    Cupix provides an option to cover the tripod with a Nadir Photo which can be used to cover up a tripod without having to manually edit the photos which would be tedious.  So Cupix saves a step by doing this for you.

    In the Player, when you are about to publish, you can customize whether the Nadir Photo shows or not:

    Editor>Configure Player>Customize


    In Cupix make the adjustment in Settings>Preferences. You can change the default Nadir Photo to whatever you preference is (ex: you could use a black or dark-gray square instead of the stock image provided by Cupix).  We'll automatically cut your photo into a circle when it's displayed in the tour.



    This is what the Nadir Photo looks like in the tour.


  • In Edit 3D tour, the 5.Player Tab is not working. I am not able to modify, update or change anything.

    Do I make something wrong?   

  • Hi Tanne,

    You can only modify the publishing settings if you are the one who is the owner of the tour or if you have permissions to change the publish settings of the tour. If the tour belongs to someone else, please ask that person to publish the tour.


    Cupix Support

  • In addition to the tripod, the camera operator will always be in view - is that something we need to edit out, or is that handled at your end?

  • Hi Paul,

    When using a tripod, you need to hide behind, for example, a column, if possible. Or you can also hold your 360 camera above your head while taking shots. 

    By the way, if it's photographer's face keep appearing that you're concerned about, then please try out 'Blur Faces' in the 'Publisher' tab. It will detect any recognizable face and blur if you turn the function on.


  • Or if your using a camera that has a bluetooth or wifi connection and has an app then you can control your camera from it to take the picture.

  • There is also an Android app for the Theta S which lets you take 2 photos and combine them to remove the operator.
    But its better to get a camera with a good remote option like the Samsung Gear 360.
    I took 95 photos using a lightstand walking through a house and it took me only 22 minutes.
    The max tilt option set to 80 degrees in the publisher makes that the light stand is not vissible as it has a very small footprint.

    Need to test my Theta S soon.

  •  How can I change the size of the Nadir patch? I uploaded my logo. But even in 150 x150 px it is very large and pixelated. I want it small. But even the default nadir with the cupix logo is too big.

  • Before Cupix allowed to change the maximun angle in the top to avoid the tripod why you changed that? it was VERY HANDY SOLUTION.

  • I added my logo to the images before uploading to the Cupix website and set the nadir to not show but I am getting a magnifying circle where I added the logo to cover the tripod. HELP me remove the magnifying blur circle please. 

  • Hi, there´s any way to change the nadir photo size, I mean the circle diameter? Is too big

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