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Where is the button for the download point cloud?


hi there,

Where is the button for the download point cloud?


  • I've created a model at CUPIX TRIAL, but I can't find the download button.

  • The download button allows you to download point cloud data. This button is available in the Photo Scale (2. Photo Scale) tab in the current version of the software at the time of this post. Here is where it is located:


    At the time of writing the software is in beta, so the way to download may change. Check the support FAQ for how to download if the image above does not match what you are seeing in the browser.

  • Thanks, the button has been found, but it is grayed out and can not be clicked.

  • I tried to push it,but the button did not work.

  • Currently point cloud download is unavailable. Sorry for your inconvenience.

    We will release an updated version in Oct 23rd.

    From the version you can use download point cloud.

  • Download is available. Please check it out.

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