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Introduction & Trial Request - Scotland


Hi there,

I have been reading with interest the subject of the 3D spar post regarding the Cupix: 3D + 360° in August this year.

Indeed impressed with the results.

We are a 3D engineeringcompany mainly in oil and gas.  We have an array of equipment, from DSLRs, handhelds, metric, video etc.  Including our istar pulsar, all used for photogrammetry based reverse engineering.

You mention the rhico theta a possible capture equipment.

Therefore with the above, we would like to ask if someone at cupix would be interested in have a discussion with us regarding trialing the software within our use cases?

All the best,


  • Hi Chris,

    We're happy to provide an introduction to you in Scotland. We're familiar with the article you are referring to from SPAR 3D (SPAR3D ARTICLE LINK) and someone from our support team has already reached out to schedule.

    You can start a CUPIX TRIAL here:  

    You are correct about creating CUPIX tours from 360 photos from the Ricoh Theta camera (ST, S or V) to generate tours (RICOH THETA LINK). In fact many of the SAMPLES on CUPIX HOMEPAGE and in our CUPIX CASE STUDIES were generated using 360 photos form a Ricoh, while a others were created using 360 photos from DLSR on a pano rig, however any set of standard 360 photos from a physical site will work in CUPIX. There are many new models of 360 cameras coming to market with improving quality and features. Feel free to email us for detailed suggestions.

    Regardless of what type of camera you are using, keep the following in mind when taking shots.

    • Try to avoid selfies (and photos of your hand)- removing yourself from the shot is not required, but we advise to at least hold the camera above your head when taking 360 photos. If you are holding the camera try using an inexpensive handle or a 1/4" carriage bolt to keep your hand further away from the lens so it will take up less of the shot.
    • Take Crisp photos - a tripod is best but it's just fine to hold the camera with a steady hand or use a 360 stabilizing Gimbal. We've had success with a few different models of gimbals and feel free to email us or post a discussion for more info on which Gimbals we've tried and like. Even if your photos are captured in sub-optimal conditions, we CUPIX can still create a complete 3D tour.
    • Ensure overlap Photo-to-Photo - CUPIX can automatically generate a full 3D tour only if there is enough overlap between your photos. Check out suggestions in CUPIX Tips for Taking Photos. When there is enough overlap between your photos then CUPIX will take care of the rest. 

    We look look forward to connecting.


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