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Google Street view

Aie everybody, Anyone know if we can use cupix for Google virtual visit?

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The Google Street view export feature will be added soon within a couple of months. Currently, we've finished development, but it takes time to optimize the work process with Google. We'll notify you via newsletter once the feature is released.

We always thank your interest and please wait for a little while. 

Best Regards

Cupix Support

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Thanks great! I started looking at other companies offering this Google service.  Since the street view app is very buggy.   Look forward to it.

I'm looking fordward too.
I've seen the youtube video of this, is already available?



Hi, Jose!

The Google street view export will be available very soon. We are currently in the last stage of development and almost ready to release the feature. We'll inform you via newsletter and facebook. 

Best Regards,

Cupix Support

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