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Does it work well with Go-Pro Fusion?

Realtor new to 360 and getting ready to purchase a 360 camera.  I want to purchase the Go-Pro Fusion and would like to experiment with Cupix but I'm not finding anything that links to two together in terms of reviews, responses, etc.

Yes, as we have tested, Go-Pro Fusion works fine with Cupix. 

And it has the best image quality below $1K price range. 

But if you are not familiar with tech, I am a bit worried about its buggy stitching software. 

Currently, we recommend Ricoh Theta V with HDR mode for better quality photos. 

But if you prefer the quality of images, Go-Pro Fusion might work.  

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Mi Sphere is a great option.  I have the Go Pro Fusion but I hear Mi Sphere can do bracketing/HDR.  but need to confirm.  

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Thank you both for your responses.  I went with the Fusion after see some tours with it.  I know there will be a learning curve but hopefully I can master it.  Quality was the major factor.

Hi, Jay.


The Bracketing mode is possible in the Mi Sphere, but not the HDR setting. The HDR option is available in the Ricoh Theta S&V.




Best Regards,

Cupix Support

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