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Is there anyway to delete a photo that was uploaded?

 I just did my first 3D tour and it was all in one room. For some reason it made it into it's own sub-section called Section 1-1. When I preview it, it plays the one picture rather than the 8 3D tour pictures in Section 1. I'm not seeing anyway to just delete this one photo that seems to be causing the problem. Do I need to re-upload and create a whole new tour?


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Hello, John.

Thanks for writing in. Sometimes photos you upload in the same section may not automatically align and are split from their original section like section 1-1, 1-2, and more. There could be various reasons for this separation, and as for your case, it seems like the repeated pattern on the floor caused an error in alignment. We've checked your tour, and one of the section which consists of 8 stations has a misplaced station.

We recommend two methods to fix the section separation. 

  1. Take more photos and create a 3D again. Take photos every single step to prevent the distortion caused by the repeated pattern of the floor. 
           Here's a quick tutorial you can look through.  TUTORIAL: How to take photos for Cupix 

       2. However, because of the pattern of the floor as I aforementioned, we can't guarantee the all the photos will be aligned into a section even though you cover the scene with more photos. 
           So the other recommend way is to manually merge the separated sections. You can refer to the video on our YouTube Channel; How to merge sections

Also, we've attached a screencast of your tour to give you a clear understanding of how you need to do.

Best Regards,
Cupix Support

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