You may notice that your initial 3D tour features large arrows on the floor whilst navigating, or a pano could be connected to the wrong location. This could be because photogrammetry processing is all based on relative coordinates within your photos. Therefore, the scale of your 3D tour may not be entirely accurate until you adjust it. The pano rings may look too big or small, or appear too high or low on the layout screen. If this is the case, you can easily resolve this issue by adjusting the scale.

Adjust Scale

Adjusting the scale is the very first step in editing your 3D tour. Cupix 3D tours have a 99% accuracy rate for dimensional measurements, per every 20 meter (or 65 feet) range, as long as the setup is correct. The most critical setup for highly accurate dimensional measurements is to identify the absolute scale of your 3D tour. When the server processes a 3D tour, it has relative coordinates within photos as a result of photogrammetry processing. Therefore, it’s not possible to measure an absolute distance until the scale has been calibrated. Below, we outline the steps that focus on the standard features, allowing users to follow the instructions without the need to purchase the AEC Package.

  1. In the ‘Layout’ tab, click the section you want to adjust the scale for.

  2. When your blue sketch turns green, click the ‘Adjust Floor’ icon in the pop-up window labeled ‘Arrange Section’.

  3. Pick a point on the floor from one pano. You can navigate to another pano by clicking while holding down the Ctrl key. When you pick a point, a grey hint line will appear.

  4. Click the common point referring to the hint line.

    Tips:Note that you are not able to pick the common point from the same panos. Move to another pano and retry this step when the grey hint line doesn’t appear in the right position.

  5. Type your estimated camera height, calculated from the floor to the camera lens in the ‘Arrange Section’ window. If you are not sure about your camera height, we recommend setting it to 1.6m.

  6. The scale will change accordingly. If you want to know more details about measuring dimensions, click


Tips:As for NA sections(single panos), type the average camera height then the scale will be adjusted

If you subscribed to the AEC pack, try to use the

Cupix marker. Make sure that you take one photo right in front of the marker so that the server can detect it.

If you want to have a more precise value, measure one dimension first and calibrate it. Left-click the dimension and choose Scale. Type a real value of it, then the scale will be re-adjusted accordingly. Watch this tutorial video for a better understanding.

Now you can add 3D virtual objects after adjusting the scale. Don’t forget to adjust the View Range to make sure that the virtual objects appear only when they are in the range.