Import Panos (Public Beta)

Note: Import Panos is under a Public Beta at the time of writing, and it is available for any subscribers. Please refer to Terms of Service for details about the beta services.

Do you want to create a 3D tour without pano photos being auto-aligned by our processing server? If so, you can use Import Panos. All panos are supposed to be manually positioned after a 3D tour is generated using features in the Layout tab, or optionally you can upload a JSON file describing the Scene Structure information (Cupix’s proprietary format) together with pano photos. Please read this article for the details about the JSON file format.

Here are three possible use-cases you can benefit from Import Panos.

  • Create a 3D tour from photo-realistically rendered images
  • Create a 3D tour from 3D scanner images
  • Create a 3D tour from a small number of panos without much of image overlaps

Step 1: Plan your import

Before you get started, it’s helpful to understand exactly what can be imported through Import Panos.

Pano photos

Like the standard Create a 3D Tour feature, the width to height ratio of each pano photo is required to be 2:1 in pixels. Also, only JPEG format is supported. All panos will be arranged in one section unless a JSON Scene Structure file is uploaded together.

A JSON file

This is an optional file you can upload and it should follow our proprietary formats which can contain all information about pano’s transformation matrix (location and orientation), the section hierarchy, etc. If you would like to know more details about JSON file, click here.

An OBJ file

Optionally, if you have a 3D model exported in an OBJ file, you can also upload it. The 3D model will be used as the underlying 3D mesh data which is useful as an occlusion geometry. It means 3D objects like push-pins will be hidden by the 3D mesh and they will appear naturally in the 3D tour. If you would like to know more about OBJ file, click here.

Note. Texture mapping of the OBJ file is not supported yet. And so, please do not upload MTL files or texture source images.

Step 2: Start your import

  1. Click the "Create 3D Tour" button at the top left.

   2. Select Manual Align Panos.

   3. Follow on-screen instructions in the Manual Align Panos wizard.

Step 3: Arrange panos

When you receive an email from Cupix that your 3D tour is created, it’s time to arrange pano positions and finalize the 3D tour.
In case that you have uploaded a JSON file together (as long as the file is correctly formatted), all panos are grouped into sections, positioned and oriented as described in the file. And so you are done creating a 3D tour.

In case that you haven’t uploaded a JSON file, but you know coordinates of pano photos, use pano arrangement functionalities in the Layout tab.

  1. Go to the Layout tab.
  2. Right-click a pano and choose Transform Pano.
  3. Enter X, Y in the Translate X, Translate Y and Translate Z fields respectively.

4. Repeat 2 and 3 for all panos.

Upload additional photos

When you need to add some more pano photos to a 3D tour that is already created, you can add extra pano photo(s) by using "Upload and Import panos" in the Overview tab.

While this feature allows you to separately add additional photos to an existing 3D tour, all the alignment and transformation must be done manually, since there will be no auto-alignment. And the pano photos added this way will be specially grouped as "Unaligned"

The list of unaligned panos will be available in the Layout tab to be manually positioned. You can see them when you click,


which is located at the left most end of the tool bar in Layout tab. 

When you click an unaligned pano picture from the left list, a blue line will appear to guide the desired position of the pano on the grid. After the pano is positioned roughly, you will need to manually align and make connections to nearby panos. Such single panos are considered as a section, therefore elevation, camera height in addition to the Translate X, Translate Y fields respectively need to be entered in the "Arrange Section" window.