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A3 Size Marker Sheet Download

When Cupix markers are present in photos, the scaling factor of the 3D scene can be automatically determined during the 3D tour computation on the server.

How to print a marker PDF

  • Set the Paper Size to A3 or 297mm x 420mm
  • Set the Scale to 100% or Actual Size.

  • Don't use Fit, Fit to Page, Scale to Fit, or a similar option which will change the actual distance between the marker patterns.

How to use printed marker sheets

  • Sturdily place one marker sheet or many marker sheets with different code numbers on flat walls.

  • Do not use marker sheets of the same code number in a section.

  • Marker sheets should not be repositioned during the capture.

  • Placing marker sheets on the floor or any surface facing upward is not recommended.

Please download from the link below

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