Adding a Floor Plan

When creating and editing a 3D tour, you have the option of adding an interactive floor plan to be displayed in the web player.  The floor plan acts as a map to help viewers understand their location and navigate within the space they are located.  Each 360 photo (pano) is displayed on top of the floor plan as gray circles, while the pano that is currently shown in the player is highlighted in orange.  An adjustable small radar symbol on the orange pano of the floor plan indicates the direction the user is facing in the photo as well as the current field of view, which ties into the camera zoom.  The viewer can also access any pano by clicking on its circle on the floor plan instead of navigating via connected panos.

How to Add a Floor Plan Image

You can create an interactive floor plan for your tour by uploading a PDF, JPEG, or PNG floor plan image.  After uploading the floor plan, use it as a guide to manually resize and align the automatically generated section of panos. The following section will describe how this is done in the Drawing View of the Layout tab from the 3D tour editor.

Choose an Image File from the Asset Library

To add a floor plan to a 3D tour, first upload the image file to the Asset library.  You can do this by accessing the Workspace, then selecting Asset Library on the left panel. The Asset Library is used to hold all resource files except 3D tour photos and videos.

To use a floor plan, first select a 3D tour section from the Overview tab.  In the Layout tab, click the Choose button in the upper left hand corner above the Drawing View.  The Asset Library window will appear with images uploaded to the library.  You can also upload new images in this window.

Note: Use the field ‘Enter a publicly accessible URL of the file’ to use an image file from a file hosting site, like Imgur or Dropbox if the link is publicly accessible.

Note: An asset is a file that can be used as reference material across all 3D tours in a workspace. JPEG, PNG, and PDF files are supported as image files, and IFC, RVT, NWD, and SKP files are supported as 3D BIM files at the time of writing.

Aligning the Floor Plan to a Section

You can align the floor plan to a section and vice versa by adjusting the position along the x and y axis, the scale, and the rotation angle.

  • To adjust the floor plan image, use the Transform Image dialog box which shows up when the floor plan image is selected in the Drawing View.

  • To  transform and adjust a section, use the Arrange Section dialog box which shows up when a section is selected in the Drawing View.

  • Use the provided GUI handles for scaling, rotating, and dragging the floorplan or section horizontally or vertically. Scaling and rotating are centered around the pivot point 

    and you can easily reposition the pivot point by clicking and dragging it.

Keep in mind: To align the floor plan image with sections, you do not need to know the absolute scale of each section. Instead, you need to set the common scale between the floor plan and the sections. Please refer to "Measuring Dimensions in Cupix" to learn more about the absolute scale.

You can use a different floor plan image for each section or group of sections. When someone using the Cupix Web Player chooses a section from the Section Selector, the floor plan associated with the specified section will be displayed.

Turn On Floor Plan

To display the floor plan in the Web Player, the final step is to switch on the Show Floor Plan option.  Do this from the Customize Player option of the Publisher tab.  You can now publish the 3D virtual tour.

Best Practices for Selecting a Floor Plan Image

Transparent Background Image

The Cupix Web App supports the transparency of PNG images. Use floor plan images with transparent backgrounds for a clean and professional look.

Image File Size

Users can zoom in closely on the floor plan in the Web Player, so use an image with high resolution.  However, due to the file loading speed on the Web Player and how quickly the average PC renders images, the maximum recommended file size of the floor plan is 2 MB.

Update the Floor Plan Image

To replace the current floor plan, upload the new image to the Asset Library.  Follow the previous instructions to select the new image from the Asset Library.

Level of Detail on Floor Plans

The interactive floorplans are displayed with a variable level of detail in the Cupix Web Player. If there is a high density of panos in a 3D tour, the web player automatically adjusts the level of detail as you zoom in and out of the floor plan.  This prevents the grey pano rings from covering up the floor plan and obscuring the floor plan information.