Compare 3D tours side-by-side

You can compare two 3D tours side-by-side in the Review tab or the Web Player which is a powerful feature as it enables you to track changes of a construction project or make a chronological record of a site quite easily.

How the comparison GUI works

There are two split view panels in the comparison window, and users’ view changes including virtual walk-through are synced together in both view panels. For instance, when you change the view angle from the left view panel, the right view panel will be automatically updated. When you switch the pano as you do virtually walk-through in one of the view panels, the corresponding pano in the other side will be searched by the closest distance and switched as well. Therefore, you don’t need to look for the same locations when you take 360 photos for a second or more as long as enough photos are representing the scene.

How to align 3D tours with each other

For the side-by-side comparison, 3D tours should be represented in the common coordinate system. In other words, they must be aligned with each other in terms of the scale and the X and Y origin point.

To achieve this, you can use a floor plan drawing or any photo as the reference image for the alignment. "Add a floor plan drawing in the Web Player" explains how to align a section of a 3D tour with a floor plan image. By repeating these steps for each 3D tour, they are aligned with each other.

Note: When you save a 3D tour, the transformation parameters (X and Y translation, the scale value, and rotation angle) of the floor plan image are also saved in the Asset Library. As you select the same image for a floor plan drawing in another 3D tour, it will be transformed using the last saved values and transformation will be locked by default.

Keep in mind: Just for 3D tour comparison, you can arrange a consistent scale among 3D tours, not necessarily the absolute scale. You can properly set it using a common floor plan image as explained above. Nevertheless, if you prefer, you can discover the real (absolute) scale for each 3D tour first and arrange only the translation on a floor plan image later. The way of figuring out the absolute scale is explained in "Measure dimensions".

Set up the Comparison List

Using the Compare List feature in the Publisher tab, you can set up the list of 3D tours and allow your stakeholder to compare one with another.

  1. Click the plus button to open a 3D tour selection dialog window.
  2. Choose a 3D tour to be compared. Please note that the names of matching sections should be same among 3D tours.
  3. Use the Section Selector and add sections when you want to compare more than one sections. When a Web Player viewer selects a section from the section pulldown list, the corresponding section in the compared 3D tour will be automatically searched and loaded.

Share the result internally or publicly

As explained in "Collaborate securely", use the workspace Share feature if you want to share the Comparison List securely with named collaborators. They can access the result in the Review tab, which is a wrapper of the Web Player and functions exactly same as the Web Player, of the 3D tour Editor. If you want to share it publicly, publish the 3D tour, and anyone who knows the Web Player link can access it.

After they arrive at the Web Player or the Review tab, they can use the comparison feature by following the steps below.

  1. Click the Compare icon in the toolbar
    It will split the window and prepare a pulldown at the bottom list in which the Comparison List is selectable.
  2. Choose 3D tours from Reference and Target lists
    Users can choose one 3D tour from the Reference pulldown list and the other from the Target pulldown list independently. 
  3. Choose a section from the Section Selector pulldown list
    When there are more than one sections such as the 13th floor, 14th floor, etc., users can navigate different sections by choosing a section from the Section Selector and continue to compare two 3D tours.

Tip: You can enforce the Web Player to start the comparison as soon as it gets started by setting the Auto Start Comparison option on in the Customize Player option of the Publisher tab.