What is Cupix Web App

Cupix Web App is web browser based software with which you can manage, edit, and share 3D tours. You don’t need to download software use any plugins to be able to use the Web App and it can be accessed from anywhere at any time as long as an internet connection is available.

When a 3D tour is created by processing 360 photos (we call them panos in short) or 360 videos you have uploaded, it is delivered back to the Web App and becomes ready for you to manage.

Web App system requirement

The Web App requires an internet connection and the Chrome or Firefox browser. It would work on Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer 11 but we haven’t tested the Web App on these browsers officially.

If it doesn’t work even with the latest version of Chrome or Firefox, please make sure that WebGL option in the settings or preferences of your browser is enabled.

Get used to the GUI

The design of Graphical User Interface (or GUI) of the Web App is consistent throughout dozens of features and so after familiarizing yourself with a few basic components, you will feel comfortable to use the rest of all other features.

Context menu when the mouse pointer is hovering over

When you move your mouse pointer on a certain component, available submenus will appear on it. For example, you can access submenus of a workspace, a 3D tour, an asset file, or a highlight pano in this way.

Context menu when clicking the right mouse button (or RMB)

When you click the right mouse button on a certain component, available pulldown menus will appear. For examples, you can open pulldown menus of a pano ring, a dimension, a 3D virtual object in this way.

Right-click context menu of a pano ring

Tab-based arrangement

A collection of features are arranged in tabs in the Tour Editor and Settings.

  • Tour Editor
    This interface provides a rich set of features to edit 3D tour properties, add a floor plan image, scale and align sections, measure dimensions, add 3D virtual objects, arrange the comparison list, publish to the public or Google Street View, or discuss issues.
  • Settings
    All Settings submenus are also grouped into tabs to make it easy for you to oversee personal, workspace-wide or team-wide configurations.

Structure of the workspace and the 3D tour

Workspace is a folder

Simply put, a workspace is a folder storing multiple 3D tours. You can group 3D tours into workspaces for a project-basis, a client-basis, or an organization-basis. Each workspace can have unique Web Player preferences including branding, an asset library, and a set of collaborators.

Elements of a 3D tour

Since Cupix’s 3D tour is truly represented in the 3D space, it needs to be defined in a 3D spatial coordinate system. A 3D tour consists of sections or groups of sections and each section can be positioned in the 3D space independently.

We recommend splitting levels, a huge site, or outside vs. inside of a building into sections when you create a 3D tour and combine them in the Layout tab after server processing is complete.

Please refer to "Combine sections" for further details. Sections can be grouped as a group in the tree user interface of the Overview tab.