Team Profile

You can set your team name and team logo. The team logo will appear at the top left corner of the screen and at the top-center of the web player loading screen by default. SVG, JPEG and PNG formats are supported and the maximum size is 240x120 in pixels.

Team Members

You can add team members and change their roles in this tab. There are three roles; billing admin, admin, team member. 

The billing admin (only one) controls the highest-level administrative settings including payment. Admins can manage members and access all workspaces. The team member can only access the workspaces they are invited. 

To learn more details about the roles, refer to this article "Collaborate securely"

Click Add to invite others to your team and once they accept your invite they will be in the member list. You can change their roles or deactivate/activate them in the member list.