Create full-screen iframe in website builder platforms

Currently, the full-screen iframe option is not supported on website builder platforms such as Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly. Therefore, even if you directly copy and paste the embed code we generate, the full-screen icon will not be working in the Web Player. In that case, you can embed your 3D tour using the HTML code below.

<div style="width:640px">


        <iframe width="640px" height="480px" src="" frameborder="0">



    <div align="right">

        <a href="" target="_blank">Fill browser window</a>



Blue - The letters in blue refer to the height and width of your 3D tour within the webpage. The default value is 640px and 480x, but you can change it if you want. Note that you set the same pixel value in both locations.

Orange - These 8 digits refer to the house key which is your 3D tour ID. Note that you must have the same house key set in both locations.

Purple - It determines the position of the text link under the Web Player. If you set the right align, the text link will be displayed at the right corner of your 3D tour. You can either set ‘Left’ or ‘Center’ depending on your preference.

Green - The link allows you to view the 3D tour in full-screen mode. A new tab will pop up when you click the text. You can change the text to anything you think is more fitting. This text will appear on the position you designated, and you can view the 3D tour in fullscreen mode by clicking the text.